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how to celebrate thanksgiving, thanksgiving's dinner, macy's paradeLearn a little more about the Thanksgiving Day in the United States

As has been happening for decades, the Thanksgiving Day in America is a date where department stores increase their profits, due to high consumerism that has been developed for this festival. However, the Thanksgiving Day is the most important holiday in U.S. In this article you will learn a little more of this day.

What we know of this day probably comes from what Hollywood has shown us one day when the whole family gathers around a dinner taking moments of happiness. In this day, U.S. stores increase their sales a lot. However, it is not a day created for profit as Valentine, as there is a story behind all this celebration.

As its name implies the festival dates back to the seventeenth century when the English came to American soil, meeting the natives, who shared with the settlers their land and food to survive the winter. In essence, then, the Thanksgiving Day is a day of celebration of their immigration to America.

The date for this holiday was established by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and since then, every fourth Thursday of November is respected and separately for the holiday. It was defined on a Thursday because with this it will be a long weekend that will allow the family to meet.

Emphasizing in history, it is believed that the festival dates back to 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, when English settlers thank the Wampanoag Indians for helping them to survive the winter. Other experts do not hesitate to argue that the festival comes from a Spanish influence of 1526 happened in the territory that is now Florida.

Like any national holiday, Americans continue certain traditions or customs on Thanksgiving Day. These are:

Family dinner

The dish is turkey with corn baked bread. This is served with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. For dessert, apple pie or pumpkin are preferred. For many experts this food has remained similar since the first celebrations of the settlers centuries ago.

Macy’s Parade

It is an expected event for children and adults. It takes place in Manhattan, New York, being the central avenue of the renowned Broadway parade (known for its famous theaters). On this day you can see giant balloons, floats and guest artists.

Black Friday

On Friday a day after Thanksgiving, has been named locally as Black Friday: all the country’s major retailers lower their prices to the lowest since the early hours of the day, even from the morning. Out of every event today brought by this date, the Thanksgiving Day is a day where settlers (now Americans) remember and celebrate their arrival in the North American territory in pursuit of freedom and happiness.

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