The Best Reflection Messages For My Girlfriend

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As much as they love, couples do not always agree with some issues. In the event that your point of view is the right one and what you suggest is the best for both, then let your girl know it. If you’ve tried to talk to her and is not yet fully satisfied with what you tell her, then send her a message that will help to think things to achieve the agreement.

Check this list of messages that we have developed to make your girlfriend reflex about an issue, select the phrase most suited to your situation or circumstances.

Free list of reflection messages for my girlfriend:

– “You must not worry so much about looking at life in a negative way. The problems will disappear little by little, just be patient. “
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– “My love, you think you’re right, I want you to know that I would not contradict you, however it is best to meditate well before making that decision. If I disagree is because I love you and I want to avoid you any pain. “
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– “Everything that happens to us is for a reason. Get up my Love! Although our difficulties, we have to be thankful for all we have. Think there are people with much more complicated problems than yours. “
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– “You are going through a difficult time, but again I want to say that I don’t agree you to stop studying. We have to find a way to continue your education. You’ve said you’re determined, but please I ask you to think calmly and follow my advice. Remember that love is power. “
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– “You should have a little more consideration with me, I’m always aware of what is happening, but you are not the same with me. I would like you to consider what I’m asking, remember that a relationship needs to be strengthened by both. I know you love me but you have changed your attitude. “
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– “Life is not always easy, but trying to do the wrong thing you will not get anywhere. Think of us, our plans would be frustrated if you make that decision. “
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– “You do not know how bad I feel when I see you behave in such an inappropriate manner with other guys. That is offensive to me and you know it. Tell me if you’re going to think about what you’re doing and you’ll have more respect for me. “
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– “I did not know how to play this, a few weeks ago you told me you were going to quit your job and I really disagree. Actually it is not convenient by now. That job is very necessary and do not worry about the problems, they always occur in any company. Please think about it and I take the best decision.”
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– “Never say that God does not love you, you are His daughter and if difficulties arise in your way are not because He has forgotten you. He allows you to go as these tests will help you to progress.”
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– “If before taking an important decision you stop thinking about the consequences it might have, you would save a lot of trouble. It is always good to ask advice and thoughts to others. “
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