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Romantic New Year messages
for a boyfriend

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Searching for romantic New Year messages for Him ? .Sometimes we can become overwhelmed when we have feelings that we would like to put into words, because it’s not always obvious to translate what we feel into concrete sentences.

With the year coming to an end, we have created a series of beautiful love messages to help you express everything you feel with your better half. Give them your personal touch and send them away!

How do you wish your boyfriend
a Happy New Year?

:: “Baby, you have shown me a world that I didn’t know and that I don’t want to leave, a magical world where you and I are the protagonists. Happy New Year!”.

:: “I want us to dance until we can’t feel our feet, celebrate like never before and have as much fun as you deserve, my life. Happy New Year and many more to come!”.

:: “Mornings are nicer because I wake up next to you and the nights are more fun because we’re always celebrating. Today it will be no exception. Happy New Year, my love!”.

:: “I’ve bought a little surprise for you and I will give it to you at 12 o’clock tonight. I hope you’re ready and that you like it as much as I do. Happy New Year, my princess”.
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What should I write in a Romantic
Happy New Year card?

:: “I didn’t believe in love at first sight or fairy tales, and then you came along and turned my world upside down. I have become an inveterate dreamer and I owe it to you. Happy New Year, love!”.

:: “I once dreamed of finding someone to share my days with, but I never thought I’d be as perfect as you, my love. I wish you a very happy New Year and the best is yet to come”.

:: “Happy New Year to the most beautiful of all! The one with the biggest heart and the best advice: you, my love. Let’s keep growing and moving forward, I adore you”.

Choose the best
New year messages

:: “I want to sing to the four winds and shout out that I love you so everyone knows how much you are worth to me. Let’s celebrate this New Year’s Eve in a big way, my love, we deserve it”.

:: “Queen of my life, we are finishing together a year that taught us a lot and I am glad to have been by your side to take advantage of all those lessons. Happy New Year!”.

:: “Little girl, can you believe the year is coming to an end? Time flies by, but I’m glad to know that our love is getting stronger and stronger. Happy New Year, I love you!”.

:: “I wanted to tell you that without you I could not have made it this far this year. You inspire me to be better every day and I love you for it. Happy New Year!”.Download magical new year love messages

Best romantic
new year messages for Him

:: “I want you to know that we are invincible when we are together and that nothing will be able to destroy all the dreams that we have built, my life. Happy New Year and cheers for our love”.

:: “It is crazy to see how everything makes more sense when we share our plans and our days with a person who values our essence. Happy New Year, my love, you are everything”.

:: “I have been taught that my heart can beat at an incredible rate just by holding your hand. With you I am discovering an incredible and magical life that I do not want to leave behind”.

:: “Let’s toast again and again, because the New Year’s Eve celebrations don’t happen every day and you are not always in such good company. I love you infinitely”.

Wishing you
the best year ever quotes

:: “I do not really know how to tell you this, but since you arrived everything has turned around and become better. I hope we will always be together, giving each other the most beautiful love. Happy New Year”.

:: “And without wanting to, we reached the last day of the year. In the evening we will celebrate as we should, my love, because with you I want to celebrate every day of my life. I love you”.

:: “You’re made of pure love, you know? I can’t imagine being with anyone else but you, my life. Thank you for everything and happy New Year”.

What did you think of these beautiful phrases? As you must know, you can use them without any expense, so use them wisely and they will give you great results.

See you soon with much more content just for you.Wishing you a happy new year darling Whatsapp messages

Sweet New Year greeting cards
for Whatsapp and Facebook

Searching for best romantic Happy New Year texts messages ? New Year’s Eve comes along with the hope that things will improve and what makes it even more special is to celebrate it with all your loved ones, creating the most wonderful memories together.

Here you will find very cute thoughts to share with your partner this New Year’s Eve, you will see that he will like it so much .

So, harry up and choose the one you like the most and greet your special someone with one of our best New Year’s Eve texts.happy new year wishes for lovers & Whatsapp status

New Year greeting cards
for Whatsapp and Facebook

:: “Starting the year by your side was just a blessing on itself. I cannot wait for us to move in together and have a million different adventures throughout this year, because I know that no matter what comes, I will be happy if you are with me. Happy New Year!

:: “When the clock strikes twelve, I will put my lips next to yours and quietly ask you permission to kiss you for the rest of my life, to have you in my arms forever and to promise you eternal love.

This year will be much greater than the last one and that is just because I am with you. Happy New Year!”

:: “You are the protagonist of the millions of dreams and goals that I have and want to achieve, as it makes no sense to live without love, and you are the one who has my heart, so you are my only reason to exist. Happy New Year, my dear, I hope this year next to you is the best in both our lives.”

Find romantic Happy New Year
status for whatsapp

:: “Of all the places I could be on New Year’s Eve, I choose to be with you in order to welcome it with you in my arms, toasting with champagne and asking the same wish for each grape, to be with you forever. I hope this year brings us welfare, happiness and a lot of love. ”

:: “While last year was not as good as we expected, I am sure that next year will be great.

The love we have for each other becomes stronger with time, and there is no better good luck charm than welcoming the coming year with you by my side. Happy New Year my love, I love you!
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Find romantic happy new year messages for Whatsapp

:: “New Year’s Eve is full of magic, it is a clean slate, where the past is left behind and new opportunities arise.

I want to welcome this New Year with you, renewing our love and the promises we have made to each other. Happy New Year! ”

:: “On this New Year’s Eve I will ask for the same wish twelve times, for you to stay with me forever, as when I am with you, even the impossible becomes possible.

I hope we get to spend every New Year’s Eve together until the end of our days. Happy New Year my love! ”

:: “My love, my life, I hope you have a happy New Year’s Eve and that it is the best one ever.

I must tell you that I love you and that all I need for this new year is you, as you are all I need in this world to be happy. ”

We hope you have a nice new year’s eve with your loved one and that your relationship is strengthened with time. Don’t forget that here you will always find the best phrases.
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Very beautiful New Year thoughts
for my boyfriend

The date that everyone is expecting to live every year is the last day of the last 365 days we have lived.

If you have a special someone and you want to share by his side the arrival of the New Year, this time will become more significant.

Surely you both already have a plan to spend New Year’s Eve but it would be perfect if you had a nice touch with him, like giving a little note in which you express your love and wish him the best in the coming year.Cute happy new year Whatsapp status images

Find best Happy New Year
wishes & greetings

:: “There is nothing more wonderful than to welcome a New Year with you sharing your love. Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful; together we will have a happy New Year. ”

:: “I have many purposes to meet in the New Year but the most important of all is to strengthen our love to last forever. Congratulations on the New Year. ”

:: “Happiness is to share the arrival of a New Year with the love of my life. Thanks for being so special to me, have a happy year. ”

:: “It will be so exciting to take our hands and do the countdown to welcome the New Year. Make me so happy my love. ”

:: “A New Year begins and I will be 365 opportunities to show my love. Happy New Year my life and we can get many more years. ”
download beautiful happy new year messages for lovers

Best romantic Happy New year
greeting cards for Facebook

:: “The best thing that the old year leaves us is the fact that you showed me that true love does exist. Have a New Year filled with much happiness. ”

:: “There is a gift large enough to express the great love I feel for you. Because in this coming year I will give you my heart completely. ”

:: “Every day that you and I spent together we grow the greatest treasure we have: beautiful loving moments we will treasure forever in our hearts. Have a happy New Year, my love.”

:: “I wish with all my heart that this New Year happiness invades our hearts and our love keeps forever. Happy New Year, my dear. ”

:: “A New Year comes and I will have 365 days to prove how great is my love for you. For that reason, I will be very happy in the New Year. ”

:: “I thought about it and the best thing you and I can do is to forget our differences so that together we welcome the New Year sharing our love. ”
new year card messages & wishes

Download Happy New Year messages
for your sweetheart

:: “Despite the distance between us I can feel your heart next to mine, giving me your love. Have a happy New Year, remember that you are always in my thoughts. ”

:: “Remembering the day of our first kiss I can relive all the excitement of the moment and feel how much I love you. This New Year will bring us much happiness and prosperity. ”

:: “Many years end but what will never end is our love affair. Have a happy New Year my love. ”

:: “Tonight my dream is to be in your arms as we watch the thousands of colorful fireworks welcoming the New Year. I love you with all my heart. ”

Get Happy New Year
quotes for Whatsapp & FB

:: “This year has been the best of my life and that’s because I had you beside me. The coming year will also be the best of our lives because our love will go on forever. ”

:: “I wish that from now on that you and I together will welcome all the years to come. I love you with all my heart and I wish you well. ”

:: “When the 12 o’clock comes at night I want to give you welcome the New Year with a sweet kiss. I love you and I will love you forever. ”

:: “Thank you for giving your love throughout this year, with you by my side I know that anything is possible. Have a happy New Year filled with much happiness. ”

Share these phrases with your love and live a magical New Year night at his side. Come back soon for more beautiful thoughts.

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