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We live in a time when it is very difficult to forget a special date because social networks have reminders, so we will need many beautiful birthday messages for friends.

With so many messages to send it is a bit complicated to maintain originality, but this will not happen to you anymore because here you will find new happy birthday greetings.

Make your cute happy birthday texts greatly appreciated by those who receive them as they will be very original and will come full of great feelings.Download super sweet happy birthday my friend greetings.#BirthdayGreetingsForFriends

Best happy birthday messages
to copy & paste

:: “I feel happy and fortunate to be able to share with you one more year of your life. My friend, I wish you have a very Happy Birthday”.

:: “At the end of this day you will realize that the best gifts you will have received will be the hugs and the love of your friends and family. Happy Birthday!”.

:: “Look at all the beautiful messages you have received on your wall, they are the irrefutable proof of the immense love we all have for you. Enjoy a Happy Birthday!”.

:: “I wish you a very Happy Birthday and I also thank you for being a great person and for choosing me as one of your friends”.Get sweetest happy birthday my love images.#BirthdayGreetingsForFriends

Birthday wishes to send
to your best friend

:: “For a wonderful person a beautiful birthday. I wish you many congratulations and may your wishes come true!”.

:: “My great friend, an unconditional person like you deserves to be rewarded by life with the best. I wish you have a Happy Birthday!”.

:: “I know you will succeed in everything you set your mind to and that there will be no problem that can stop you. Enjoy a very Happy Birthday!”.

:: “I feel much honored to be able to count you among my friends and to be able to be with you on this special day, Happy Birthday!”.What do you say in a happy birthday text?.#BirthdayGreetingsForFriends

Birthday greetings
for best friend

:: “Congratulations on your birthday! I always remember you with immense gratitude for everything you’ve done for me. I love you friend”

:: “Being able to celebrate this day by your side is like a wish come true, that’s why, my dear friend, I wish you a Happy Birthday”.

:: “I really like celebrating these special dates, they are the perfect excuse to tell you how much I love you. Happy Birthday!”

:: “Have many congratulations on your birthday! I ask God to give you health, do not lack love and have much prosperity”.Happy birthday love quotes for Facebook friends.#BirthdayGreetingsForFriends

Heart touching
best birthday messages

:: “Of course I have a gift for you, but also many hugs and best wishes. Enjoy a Happy Birthday!”.

:: “It is impossible to find the perfect words to wish you many congratulations on your birthday because you deserve much more. Happy Birthday!”.

:: “Congratulations on your birthday and thank you very much for making my life happier with your friendship”.

:: “I feel a lot of joy in my heart because you are on a birthday and you are the best friend I have in this life. Have a great time!”.best cute birthday greetings for Whatsapp friends.#BirthdayGreetingsForFriends

Greetings :
Have a beautiful birthday!

:: “My world would be sad and boring if you weren’t here, that’s why I want to celebrate your birthday with great enthusiasm and joy. I wish you thousands of congratulations!”.

:: “Do not worry because age is not the only thing that increases with the passing of the years, so does the love that we all have for you. Happy Birthday!”.

:: “Happy Birthday! Our memories are a collage of beautiful moments lived with the people we love and you always appear in mine, thank you!”.

:: “Our friendship dates back recently, but this time has been enough for me to recognize a great person in you. Enjoy a very Happy Birthday!”.The best Happy Birthday quotes for friends.#BirthdayGreetingsForFriends

Happy birthday phrases
for  cards

:: “I love you a lot! My beautiful friend, I wish you have a great time and that many more years come to your life full of blessings”.

:: “I pray to the Lord that many blessings fall on you and allow you to see your dreams come true. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.

Earn the gratitude of all your friends by sending them beautiful birthday congratulations and show them that they are important to you.

Throughout the year you will find countless occasions to share original congratulatory messages, so take advantage of them all.cute happy birthday letter to my friends.#BirthdayGreetingsForFriends

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