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Sweet happy Valentine’s Day phrasesDownload cute Valentine's Day cards.#ValentinesDayMessages

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You have no idea how lucky you are to be able to share your days with a person who loves you, values you and takes care of you and makes sure everything is okay.

Now that Valentine’s Day is coming, we recommend you take a few minutes to let that special person know how much you love and appreciate her with these messages below.Romantic Valentine's & charming text messages for girlfriend.#ValentinesDayMessages

Romantic Valentine’s Day
phrases for Facebook

:: “My love, from the first time I saw you I knew you were for me. Every day I spend by your side I realize that I have never loved as much as I love you”.

:: “I want to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day hoping that every day you will be really happy and we can enjoy every moment together”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Soon I will be your husband and you will be my wife, and I want you to know that nothing makes me happier”.

:: “Beautiful girlfriend, this Valentine’s Day I promise to do everything I can to see you smile every minute of the day”.

:: “My life, your beauty of soul moves me, your angelic face dazzles me and I only wish to have the strength to love you for a lifetime. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

Romantic happy Valentine's love messages to make her fall in love.#ValentinesDayMessages

Valentine’s Day texts
for Princess

:: “I never thought that love felt so beautiful and that it made my days only happy. With you I learned that love is the most wonderful thing in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “Every minute that goes by I love you more and I am thankful to have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s, Day, my love, you are my entire world”.

:: “Who would have thought that you and I, after all the twists and turns of life, would end up together. Happy Valentine’s Day, my Princess”.

:: “Every time I close my eyes your face appears in my mind because there is not a moment of the day when I am not thinking of you. Happy Valentine’s Day to the woman of my dreams”.

:: “May this Valentine’s Day be beautiful and awaited from everyone, because this year we are sweethearts and soon we will be husband and wife. I love you more than you can imagine”.Free download Valentine's love cards to share by Facebook.#ValentinesDayMessages

Phrases :
Have a lovely Valentine’s Day

:: “I am very grateful to you for opening the doors of love and giving me such great happiness. Darling, I never want you to doubt that I want to spend my life with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “When I asked you to be my girlfriend and you said yes my heart was immediately filled with joy so thank you for so much love. Happy Love Day”.

:: “Love you is the most natural thing I have ever done in my life because your smile is sincere, your eyes are sweet and your words are full of love. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most precious woman of all, the one who allows me to take her by the hand to walk the paths of life”.

:: “To be with you is to love you, for there is no way on Earth I could spend a second by your side without cherishing you, my love. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day”.Download cute romantic Valentine's messages & pics to share with my love.#ValentinesDayMessages

Valentine’s Day messages
for Girlfriend

:: “Thank you for making me go through the best years of my life, since I met you everything has been happiness, there was never again darkness in my world and I met true love. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “Dear, I wish you an amazing Valentine’s Day, filled with love, joy and happiness. You are the dream I wish to dream every single night I fall asleep”.

:: “Always keep in mind that the love I feel for you has no beginning and no end because it is absolutely eternal. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love”.

:: “I am very excited to know that in a very short time we will be married and that every day I will come home to find you there. Happy Valentine’s Day, lots of kisses”.

:: “I have known each other for 5 years now, it seems like only yesterday that our eyes met for the first time. I love you so much”.Sweet and touching I love you Valentine's Whatsapp text messages.#ValentinesDayMessages

Messages :
Happy Valentine’s Day, my love

:: “Love, this Valentine’s Day will be memorable. I promise, because this is the first time we will be celebrating it as sweethearts. I love you immensely”.

:: “You made me discover the meaning of true love and that is something I can never thank you enough for. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love”.

:: “I will make sure you have a magical day, full of love, laughter and joy, because you deserve all that and much more. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “A few minutes left so I can take you in my arms and tell you in my ear how much you have made me miss you during the day. I love you more than anything”.

Valentine’s Day phrases
for ex lover

:: “I loved every moment we spent together and, even though that story is over, I want you to always be very well. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “There are so many songs that will make me remember you that I can only accept that you will always be there, one way or another. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “In my heart there is a small trunk full of our eternal and adored conversations. I truly wish that you are well and that your Valentine’s Day is beautiful”.

:: “I used to love it when you would call me and we would spend hours talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Remember you can still do that, happy Friendship Day”.

:: “How lucky we were to love each other so much and to have shared one of the most beautiful relationships that could have existed. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Valentine’s Day wishes
for wife

:: “Having the privilege of having married the love of my life is something I do not take for granted, so I want to wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day and tell you again how much I adore you”.

:: “Many congratulations, my love, what a joy it gives me to celebrate another Valentine’s Day with you, knowing that our feelings are as intact as the first day. I love you!”.

:: “Love, on this beautiful occasion I could not fail to tell you how much I love you and all that you represent in my day to day. You are the best and my heart is yours. Happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “I have never been as happy as I am with you, because not only do I feel loved, but I also feel like we have an unexplainable special connection. I love you, happy Valentine’s Day”.

:: “You mended my little heart and taught me to believe in love again. I love you more than anything in

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We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day and hope to see you back here very soon. Remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones, letting them know how much you love and value them.Pretty Valentine's love phrases download to share by Twitter.#ValentinesDayMessages

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