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Looking for happiness messages , best happiness quotes , original happiness text messages for Whatsapp , how do you wish someone happiness ?

As days go by, it is easier to get lost in the daily routine, to focus only on making money and forgetting to smile.

Life has no meaning if we do not enjoy it, therefore, we bring you a series of nice texts that will help you bring joy into your life.Short and long best happiness wishes for friends

Find best happiness messages
for friends

:: “Sometimes my imagination flies and it is because I am thinking about you, my love #HappyWithYou”.
Category: Happiness messages for friends

:: “I know that the people around me are not perfect, but they are true friends #LoveMyFriends”.
Category: Happiness messages for friends

:: “Super happy to have found someone who makes me happy all the time #InLove”.
Category: Happiness messages for friends

:: “Every time loneliness attacks, you come to make me feel better #YouAreTHeBEstIHave”.
Category: Happiness messages for friends

:: “With just one word from you, my whole day changes for good #LoveYou”.
Category: Happiness messages for friends

:: “I am not just special, I am also crazy, and that is because I am crazy in love with you #LoveYouBigTime”.
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Cute Messenger
happiness phrases

:: “Now, I feel very happy for everything that happens to me in my life, especially because I have many people who love me by my side #IAmSoHappy”.
Category: Happiness phrases

:: “Finding happiness is thinking in yourself and forgetting everything bad happened #TimeToLaugh”.
Category: Happiness phrases

:: “I decided to forget all the bad things that happened in my life and just remember all the ones that made me laugh #IAmThrilled”.
Category: Happiness phrases

:: “I am so grateful that my friends accept me just as I am #TrueFriends”.
Category: Happiness phrases

:: “I may not have material things, but I have the love of my life by my side #InLove”.
Category: Happiness phrases

:: “I could not care less for what you think of me, the only important thing is what I think of myself #Me”.
Category: Happiness phrasesbest happiness greetings

How do you wish someone

:: “Stop complaining about life, begin giving thanks for the blessings you have received and the good moments you have lived.

The recipe for happiness is based on remembering the joyful moments and leaving the hurtful times buried in the past”.
Category: Happiness phrases

:: “If you start seeing life as a five year old child, you will be able to feel a great joy in your life. When you are amazed by the little things in life, when you do not allow the routine to take over your life, and when you live every single day in love with your life, then you can say that you are really happy”.
Category: Happiness phrases

:: “Happiness is one of those things that the more you share it, the greater it becomes, and when it is real, it becomes a part of your being.

Never let joy escape you; get out of your mind any memory that makes you suffer, and fill the space with small details that make you happy”.
Category: Happiness phrases
happiness messages for your beloved friends

Get Whatsapp happiness

:: “I just want to be with the people I love, give them my love and receive their affection #ILoveEveryone”.
Category: Whatsapp happiness messages

:: “I am human and I do not do everything right, but I have a very beautiful life and I try to be better every day #LoveMyLife”.
Category: Whatsapp happiness messages

:: “Life works well just when you see the positive side of things #ThinkPositive”.
Category: Whatsapp happiness messages

:: “I just want to be happy and face all the bad things that come along my way #AlwaysStrong”.
Category: Whatsapp happiness messages

:: “Do not imagine that always pleasing others will make you happy, just be yourself #LookForYourEssence”.
Category: Whatsapp happiness messages

:: “If you want to find happiness, you need to walk toward your dreams #NeverGIveUp”.
Category: Whatsapp happiness messagesDownload the best happiness quotes for friends

Cute happiness text messages
for Messenger

:: “Small details are the ones that have the ability to make us truly happy, and they are the ones that we often miss. Focus on every moment you live and get absorbed by the joy that a single minute of the day can give you”.
Category: Happiness text messages

:: “Even when everything goes wrong and you are immersed in sadness, there is always a glimpse of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. Do not give up, because as long as you are alive, there will always be hope”.
Category: Happiness text messages

:: “Do not think that you will find happiness in the things that money can buy. Being truly happy is in your hands along, as the infinite joy, matchless and invincible, that we call happiness, can only be born in the depths of your being”.
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Quotes about happiness
and love

:: “Stop complaining about life as if the one that suffers the most is more special. Know how lucky you are and share with others the joys in your life. It is time to laugh, not to mourn”.
Category: Happiness quotes

:: “I cover my ears every time I hear negative comments or anything that hurts me, I just like to be with positive people and surrounded by good vibes #NegativePeopleDoNotMatter”.
Category: Happiness quotes

:: “Our Love is indescribable, I feel so blessed to have found you, you are the person I needed in order to be completely happy #YouAreEverythingToMe”.
Category: Happiness quotesfind cute happiness wishes for friends

Feel-good quotes
about happiness

:: “Do not live in the past nor bet on the future, as the only thing that is certain is the present and how happy you are right now.

Do not be fooled thinking that luck is not on your side and that sadness is the only one with you, as joy is hidden where you least expect it, and if you look with your heart, you will find it”.
Category: Happiness wordings

:: “To have a full life, you must be happy, as health and happiness go hand in hand. If sorrow haunts you one day, know that the sun will rise again every morning and that there will always be something to be thankful for”.
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You will see that when your followers read what you tweeted they will start commenting right away, do not forget to spread these positive energies to the people who may need them now. Good luck.Send best happiness greetings by whatsapp

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