Wages and salaries in Germany

Germany average salary income : A few months ago, German authorities reported their need to hire more than 500,000 professional immigrants, thus many young people wonder about prevailing wages and salaries in this country. Is it worth immigrating to a country so far away, with culture and language so different from our own? In the …

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Advice on finding jobs in Germany

Jobs in Germany, tips for finding a good work : In recent years, Germany has become attractive for many migrants because of its 3,6 per cent economic growth and 6,9 unemployment rate, minute if compared with the other European countries. In fact, at the end of 2010, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg …

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What Engineers get paid the most

The Best Salaries For Engineers In Europe | Which branch of Engineering has highest salary?

Information about Engineers’ salaries in Europe Professionals in various fields of engineering are highly sought after in many countries. In Europe there is a high demand for engineers and technicians. In Germany, England, France, Spain, Holland engineers are in demand to work in public and private companies. These professionals have the most attractive market salaries. …

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Best German Cities To Work

The best cities to work in Germany Currently Germany is looking for academically qualified and experienced workforce. The growing economy of the country makes it a good choice to migrate. In this article, we would show you the best European cities to work. This growing economy has increased the employment rate in the 16 states …

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Finding A Job In Germany

The high labor demand in Germany In the context of the economic crisis in Europe, Germany stands out for having consolidated its economy, positioning itself as the leading country in the economic recovery of this part of the globe. Germany’s contributions have enabled the euro, continental currency, maintain and reduce the negative impact on the …

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Work For Engineers In Germany

Technical careers with high demand in Germany Technical careers are those that concentrate on training students efficiently to perform practical work, understanding an activity as an integral process. Currently, in Germany, are requiring staff with technical background, in this article you will know a little more about what technical careers lately are needed in Germany. …

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Job Opportunities In Germany

Where to find jobs for professionals in Germany Current economic growth in Germany has created a demand for between 500,000 and 800,000 professionals in the labor market. In these paragraphs, we will present job opportunities for professionals in Germany. The German government is generating programs to attract professionals, because there are just a few qualified …

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Good Countries For Architects

Countries with high labor demand for Architects The work opportunities of an architect are linked to a good state of real estate or construction. Hence, a recession in the construction sector not only reduces the demand of enterprises for labor, but also represents the lost of work places for these professionals. Given this situation, many …

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