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Christmas wishes for friends

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It is very important to surround ourselves with good people with whom to share a friendship and to cultivate this feeling there is nothing better than sending beautiful Christmas and New Year dedications.

When you share original greetings for End of Year’s Holidays for your friends, you are showing them that they have earned a place in your life and in your heart.

Do not think twice, dedicating cute Merry Christmas and Happy New Year phrases to your friends is a great detail and they will be happy to receive them.Happy Merry Christmas Whatsapp wishes for friends.#ChristmasGreetingsForFriends

Cute Christmas wishes for friends

:: “On Christmas Eve I will ask God to continue giving me the opportunity to enjoy the company of my friends and to pour out many blessings in their lives in the New Year. Congratulations!”.

:: “Christmas surrounds us with the most beautiful feelings and the New Year ignites the flame of hope in our hearts. Friends, to you I wish thousands of congratulations!”.

:: “Let us remember the birth of the child Jesus, share our love with our families and receive the New Year with much optimism. Congratulations to my friends!”.

:: “I have many hugs to give to my friends, as gifts this Christmas, and I also have good vibes to send them in the New Year. Congratulations and prosperity to all!”.Christmas love messages and wishes for friends.#ChristmasGreetingsForFriends

What should I say to my friends for Christmas?

:: “It’s nice to let Christmas fill our hearts with illusions and make them a reality during the New Year. Happy Holidays, dear friends!”.

:: “The strong ties of our friendship gather us around the manger to celebrate Christmas and to receive the New Year with smiles, hugs and hope. Congratulations!”.

:: “Thousands of congratulations to my friends this Christmas Eve and on New Year. May all your wishes come true!”.

:: “Christmas with the family is a beautiful tradition that we must continue, but so is receiving the New Year in the company of our friends. God bless you all!”.Find Christmas messages wishing you happiness and joy.#ChristmasGreetingsForFriends

Best Christmas quotes for friends

:: “I wish the love and hugs could be wrapped to deliver to my friends on this Christmas Eve wherever they are. I wish you happiness and prosperity in the New Year!”.

:: “The fact of knowing you and having your friendship is for me a great gift on this Christmas. Dear friend, enjoy the most beautiful Christmas and a great New Year”.

:: “I wish to my friends that these Holidays leave beautiful memories, love and lots of joy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”.

:: “In this New Year, life will reward you for your kindness and generosity. I want to wish you a very Happy Christmas and many successes, my friend”.Cute Merry Christmas Whatsapp status images.#ChristmasGreetingsForFriends

Inspirational Christmas quotes for friends

:: “A few days separate us from the New Year, but before Christmas will come with its tenderness and happiness, let’s enjoy these beautiful Holidays with our hearts. Congratulations!”.

:: “My wish for the New Year is to continue having the opportunity to enjoy this friendship that unites us and on this Christmas I want to wish you happiness, love and good health”.

:: “If during Christmas we remember the child Jesus we will learn a valuable lesson in humility and love that in the New Year will allow us to achieve success and happiness”.

:: “May the arrival of Christmas Eve and the New Year arouse happiness in our hearts, but also love and hope. Happy Holidays, I wish you with all my heart!”.Christmas card messages & wishes.#ChristmasGreetingsForFriends

Wishes : Merry Christmas, my dear friend!

:: “Dear friend, I give you all my love, gratitude and good wishes because I want this Christmas to be very happy and your New Year full of prosperity”.

:: “Let’s rescue the good things that this year has left us, for example those great moments in which we have enjoyed our friendship. Happy End of Year’s Holidays!”.

:: “We have the opportunity to celebrate a Merry Christmas with the family and in the New Year we will continue to enjoy our friendship. Congratulations!”.

:: “I have a deep affection for each and every one of my friends, so in these End of Year’s Holidays I want to send you a big hug and my best wishes. Congratulations!”.Christmas messages wishes for best friend.#ChristmasGreetingsForFriends

Short Christmas phrases for cards

:: “This year will end very soon, so I take this opportunity to thank my friends for their love, company and loyalty and also to wish them the best”.

:: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my friends, those soul brothers who have been sent to me from heaven and to whom I love so much”.

:: “I hope you have made a cradle in your heart, because it is only a few minutes until Jesus is born and fills you with love. Merry Christmas, my dear friend!”.

:: “My friends are great because I can always rely on them. Receive my love, gratitude, and sincere friendship today and always. Merry Christmas, guys! Love you!”.

Sincere texts to congratulate your friends on Christmas and New Year can become a very valuable gift that will strengthen the bond you have with them. In the next year get ready to dedicate the best friendship words in social networks.Find heartfelt Christmas quotes for friends.#ChristmasGreetingsForFriends

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