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Best Merry Christmas quotes for friendsDownload best Christmas greetings.#ChristmasGreetingsFoFriends

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Christmas and the New Year are approaching and as always loaded with beautiful moments to share with those we love most, that’s why here we give you beautiful Christmas and New Year messages to share.

If you want to send the best End of Year’s Holidays texts and you don’t know what to say exactly, here we will offer you very good options.

Go ahead and send your friends the most beautiful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year phrases of the web, they will surely love it.Christmas wishes ready to copy & paste.#ChristmasGreetingsFoFriends

What should I say to my friends for Christmas?

:: “Dear friend, from a distance I send you my most pleasant wishes for you and your whole family in these End of Year’s Holidays and may peace and family union always accompany you”.

:: “My friend, Christmas Eve brings us infinite joy and in this coming year I hope you receive many blessings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”.

:: “You are my friend since childhood and you know that I have a very special affection for you, that is why in these Holidays I could not stop wishing you a super Christmas and a wonderful New Year”.

:: “My great friend, it is my greatest wish that you have an excellent Holiday, that Christmas brings you a lot of family union and that the New Year comes loaded with successes”.What should I write to my friend on Christmas card?.#ChristmasGreetingsFoFriends

Inspirational Merry Christmas quotes for friends

:: “Let’s celebrate together the arrival of the child Jesus with much joy because our savior arrived, I also hope that in this Happy New Year the successes smile at you. Congratulations!”.

:: “Dear friend, I could not pass up this occasion without telling you May God bless you this Christmas and you would enjoy an excellent New Year, you are a great person who deserves much happiness”.

:: “Friends, I wanted to wish you much peace, love and union on this Christmas Eve, I am also sure that God will fill you with blessings in these next 12 months. Happy Holidays!”.

:: “Christmas brings us hope in a better world and the New Year gives us the opportunity to create that longed tomorrow. United we can do it all! Happy End of Year’s Holidays!”.Christmas family sayings and quotes.#ChristmasGreetingsFoFriends

Merry Christmas phrases for cards

:: “Joy, union, peace and hope are the feelings that I wish would reign in your home this Christmas Eve, I also wish that the coming year will give you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and fulfill your desires”.

:: “May this Christmas your house is full of all those who love you, always united in Christ and May in the New Year you are filled with achievements and joys. Congratulations my great friend!”.

:: “I know that obligations often absorb us, but I could not stop thanking God for you, my great friends, Many blessings for you on Christmas Eve and my best wishes in the coming year”.

:: “Let’s offer the best of us this Christmas to those who need it most. I also wish you a New Year full of goals achieved, you deserve it! Happy End of Year’s Holidays”.Cute things to say to your friend on Christmas.#ChristmasGreetingsFoFriends

Merry Christmas greetings for friends

:: “Let’s enjoy this Christmas Eve together with our loved ones and receive hopefully next year, you will see that with God’s grace nothing is impossible. Happy Holidays!”.

:: “May this Christmas have a lot of love and peace in your homes and May the New Year give us all the opportunity to be better versions of ourselves. Thank you very much for your friendship and Happy Holidays!”.

:: “The love of Christmas is reflected in your soul, because you are a great husband, father and friend. I wish that you live these Holidays fully with those you love most. Congratulations!”.

:: “A lot of family union and above all hope in a great future is what I wish you at these End of Year’s Holidays. Enjoy the love and joy of yours”.What to write in a Christmas card.#ChristmasGreetingsFoFriends

Cute Merry Christmas quotes for friends

:: “My friends, Congratulations on these End of Year’s Holidays. May there be no lack of joy, peace and union in your homes and May the Next Year is a great opportunity to get what we want so much”.

:: “I still remember those Christmas Holidays together as children and my heart is filled with great joy. I hope this Christmas is very happy for each of you, enjoy your families and May the New Year comes with many blessings”.

:: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends! May these Holidays be very blissful for all of you, always remembering the great love that Christ has for us and showing our charity to those most in need”.

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