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Cute free God phrases
for friendsShort friendship messages & cards

Searching for bestian Christian messages for friends ? God is a being who is all goodness and who is always guiding our steps wherever we are. We should never feel alone since our creator is always present and has a task for each of us to fulfill.

Share the great faith you have for the Lord Almighty with all your Twitter followers through religious texts. On the next few lines we offer you a series of texts you can tweet.

Best short Christian text messages for friends

:: “Thank you God for this excellent new day you have given us, let us try to be happy”.
Category: Christian messages for friends
:: “If you are with God, nothing and no one will be able to hurt you”.
Category: Christian messages for friends
:: “Everything good you do on earth, God celebrates in the kingdom of heaven”.
Category: Christian messages for friends
:: “When God gave us life, he gave us the highest award that can be received, so we should enjoy it with our loved ones without wasting a minute”.
Category: Christian messages for friends
:: “God is with you in any place on the face of the earth”.
Category: Christian messages for friends
:: “Pray to God so that he protects you and you will not find any obstacle in your life”.
Category: Christian messages for friends

Dowload cute Christian friendship quotes

:: “Do not think that the money you save will help you enter the kingdom of heaven, share it with those who are in need, God will reward you”.
Category: Christian ffrienship quotes
:: “Jesus Christ lived humbly and wholeheartedly wished that we love one another as he loved us”.
Category: Christian ffrienship quotes
:: “Give your life to God that he will ensure the salvation of your soul”.

Category: Christian ffrienship quotes

:: “If you repent of your sins, God will be very happy you took that choice”.
Category: Christian ffrienship quotes
:: “The day in which all doors close before you, turn to God who is all goodness and he will help you regain your peace of mind”.
Category: Christian ffrienship quotes
:: “We must always thank God for sending us his only son to die on the cross to save us from sin, and try to live happily and at peace with everyone we know”.
Category: Christian ffrienship quotes

Find short sayings about friendship

:: “God gave us this world with much love and so it is our duty to preserve it forever”.
Category: Heavenly text messages
:: “You must never stop having faith, even if you are very distressed, God will not abandon you and he will always protect you”.
Category: Heavenly text messages
:: “Even if you have sinned in your past, take the Bible and set your way to God that he will show you the righteous path”.
Category: Heavenly text messages
:: “It is true that God is invisible and untouchable, but he is waiting for you to become son of God”.
Category: Heavenly text messages
:: “God is omnipotent, ask him to help your pain go away, he is the one that can do that”.
Category: Heavenly text messages
:: “Never stop acting like a Christian, only those who do it have a place in the kingdom of heaven”.
Category: Heavenly text messages
:: “He who loves his neighbor will receive many blessings from the Lord, as he offers peace and love, you will receive love and peace forever”.
Category: Heavenly text messages

We are sure that all your friends will like these phrases, come back soon for more messages.

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