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Sometimes love comes spontaneously, but mostly is a feeling that can go unnoticed at first and then starts to grow slowly until it becomes undeniable that you’ve fallen deeply.

Once you declare your love to that girl that brings you crazy, you start a relationship but then in this time when you must be very careful with the love between both because it should still be supplied to continue getting stronger.

For this, there is nothing better than the small details that touch the heart and share your love with romantic phrases that express what you feel for her. Here we bring you a list of phrases that you can choose and send them as text messages to that girl you love so much.

Sweet and touching I love you text messages for grilfriend

– “You have managed to seize my thoughts and stay in the depths of my soul. I am so in love with you that all I want is to spend the rest of my life with you. “
Category:  I love you texts for my girlfriend

– “You are the woman who always I was looking for. You are beautiful, special and loving; you got me mad with love for you. Never go away from me. “
Category:  I love you texts for my girlfriend

– “I wonder if you think of me as I am in you as there is not a single moment when you can get out of my mind. I love you so much love that all I want is to be with you the rest of my life. “
Category:  I love you texts for my girlfriend

– “I would like to be the wind to caress you though you don’t see me; I’d love to be the air for you always need in your life.”
Category:  I love you texts for my girlfriend

Beautiful love text messages to send by Messenger Download thoughts of love to share by Instagram

– “I would do anything just to be with you. You cannot imagine how much I’m missing you , I hope you come back soon to be in my arms. “
Category:  Thoughts of love to share by Instagram

– “When night falls my heart beats desperately and I seek your lips to kiss you, I will think on you to fall asleep and dream that you are by my side.”
Category:  Thoughts of love to share by Instagram

– “There is not such a special woman like you, you are unique and I love the way you are. I will always be by your side to take care and give you all the best as you deserve. “
Category:  Thoughts of love to share by Instagram

– “Every moment with you is special, hold your hands close to you and give you a sweet kiss is so magical that I sometimes think that ours is a dream.”
Category:  Thoughts of love to share by Instagram

Find best sweet & romantic text messages with images for girlfriendCute & romantic texts to send by Whatsapp

– “With you I can forget all my problems because nothing matters more than you. You know you have enchanted me with your love and I always want to be like it. “
Category: Whatsapp romantic text

– “Thanks to you I’ve discovered what love is and what it means to be in love. I love you so much my princess and I want to always be together to be happy. “
Category: Whatsapp romantic text

– “Sometimes I cannot even sleep thinking about you, thinking how lucky I am to have the love of a woman as wonderful as you. This love should live forever. “
Category: Whatsapp romantic text

– “I don’t imagine my life without your love, thinking of you I see you my side until the end of my days. I love my beautiful bride and I want ours to last a lifetime. “
Category: Whatsapp romantic text

Download best love messages with pictures for girlfriend

– “When I met you I realized that you are the woman of my life and the first time I kissed your lips tasted the sweetness of love.”
Category: Sweet love messages for my girlfriend

– “You’re the girl I want to share my life because you are who awakens the most beautiful feelings in my heart.”
Category: Sweet love messages for my girlfriend

– “I always thought I was never going to know love, but you came and I realized I was wrong. Thank you so much for teaching me the beautiful side of life. “
Category: Sweet love messages for my girlfriend

– “I don’t get tired of seeing your beauty, admire the way you are and tell you you’re the nicest thing happened to me. My love thanks for making me so happy. “
Category: Sweet love messages for my girlfriend

Download I miss you Whatsapp love text messages
Download sweet I miss you texts for Messenger

– “My life without your love was sad, but know I realize how beautiful it is. You and I will love each other forever. “
Category: I miss you love texts for Messenger

– “The sweet taste is your lips, the most beautiful melody of your voice and the purest love is in your heart. Beloved you have me totally in love.”
Category: I miss you love texts for Messenger

– “You are who motivates me to give my best, to fight for my dreams and never give up. I feel that there is nothing impossible because your love is my strength. “
Category: I miss you love texts for Messenger

– “You know my faults and value my virtues. You know of my sorrows and give me joys , you’re the one who always gives me the best and makes me completely happy. “
Category: I miss you love texts for Messenger

Romantic phrases you should say to your love

– “You are the greatest gift life has given me so you know you can count on me at all times that I’ll always be together to give you all my love.”
Category: Romantic phrases for my girlfriend

– “You’re the girl of my dreams, the one with a single kiss makes my world paints of colors and everything is infinite happiness.”
Category: Romantic phrases for my girlfriend

– “No one has ever taken the place you occupy in my thoughts and in my heart. You’re the only one that knows me as I am and loves me despite my mistakes. “
Category: Romantic phrases for my girlfriend

– “I am happy to have the joy of meeting you and how wonderful it is to have conquered your heart. My cute girlfriend I want you to always be by my side. “
Category: Romantic phrases for my girlfriend

Romantic & charming text messages for girlfriend
Free download love cards to share by Facebook

– “It’s not the first time you fall in love, but I will do everything possible to love you like nobody ever loved you. Nobody will prevent we’re together because our love is the greatest of all. “
Category: Facebook romantic phrases

– “You’re the most beautiful girl for me; I only have eyes for your beauty and love for your heart. Have your affection is a godsend. Thank you for being my guardian angel. “
Category: Facebook romantic phrases

– “This love becomes stronger every moment I’m with you because you always surprise me with your way of being and with such beautiful feelings in your heart.”
Category: Facebook romantic phrases

– “You are what I need to be happy, nothing I need if I have your love. My darling has entered the depths of my heart and from there anyone you out. “
Category: Facebook romantic phrases

– “I would say I love you a million times, but even so could express this wonderful feeling I feel for you. Stay with me forever and make me happy. “
Category: Facebook romantic phrases

Anytime of day is perfect for sending a romantic text message by Whatsapp. Here we have presented many phrases that you can choose from. This will make you girl very happy.

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