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Top birthday messages
for a Mother

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No one in the world will feel for us such unconditional love, only our mother is capable because she was the one who brought us into this world and who have been careful to us always with great suspicion and dedication.

It is for this reason that we should be very grateful to our mother and take every special date, such as Mother’s Day or her birthday, to pay a small tribute.

There are many reasons in life that lead us away from our home, whether the school or work, they even can lead to other countries and in this situation we can’t visit our mother on a special date, but you can make your cards come to where she is by a very special message that you can send to your cell phone or through social networks.

Here we bring you a list of phrases you can dedicate to your mom for her to have a happy birthday.Find best happy birthday Mother images.#BirthdayGreetingsForMother

What can we write
in a birthday card
for Mom?

:: “Dear Mommy, I know this may not mean much, but I want to thank you for every shared laugh and every comforted tear. Happy birthday, Mom!”.

:: “Mom, your love is the engine that drives my life. Today I celebrate your birthday with gratitude and happiness. Happy birthday!”.

:: “On your day, Mom, I want to wish you a year full of health, love and fulfilled dreams. Happy birthday!”.

:: “Happy birthday to the most amazing super Mom in the universe! Thank you for being my endless source of love and support”.

:: “Today we celebrate the most special day of the year: the birth of the woman who has made my life a true blessing. Happy birthday, Mom!”.Best happy birthday Mother love quotes.#BirthdayGreetingsForMother

Short birthday messages
for a Mother

:: “On your birthday, I want you to know that I love you beyond words and that you are the pillar of my existence. Congratulations, Mom!”.

:: “May on this day and always, the universe give you back all the happiness that you have shared with each one of us. Happy birthday, dear Mom!”.

:: “Mom, you are my light in dark days and my inspiration in every step I take. Happy birthday to the best Mother in the world!”.

:: “Today I celebrate the life of the most incredible woman I know: my Mom. Thank you for being my guide and my example to follow”.

:: “On your birthday, I want you to know that there is no treasure more valuable to me than the unconditional love you give me. Congratulations, Mom!”.Best facebook birthday wishes for my Mother.#BirthdayGreetingsForMother

What is
the best birthday message
for my Mother?

:: “Mom, every day I thank the universe for putting you in my path. You are my greatest gift. Happy birthday!”.

:: “On your day, I send you all my love and gratitude for being my support in adversity and my company in happiness. Happy birthday, Mom!”.

:: “May this birthday be full of laughter, hugs and unforgettable Moments. You are the soul of our family. Congratulations, dear Mom!”.

:: “Mom, your hugs are my refuge and your words are my encouragement. Today I hug you with all my love on your birthday. Happy birthday to you!”.

:: “On your birthday, I want to thank you for teaching me the value of unconditional love and for being my confidant at every stage of life. Congratulations, Mom!”.Original happy birthday whatsapp text to my Mother.#BirthdayGreetingsForMother

Best birthday wishes for Moms
from son or daughter

:: “No matter how old you are, you will always be the vibrant young woman who has taught me to enjoy life. Happy birthday, Mom!”.

:: “Mother of my heart I wish you many happy returns on your birthday and despite the distance I send you all my love, many hugs and hundreds of kisses. You will see that the time will pass quickly and soon I will be by your side. I love you Mommy”.

:: “On the day of your birthday I wish you much happiness and God bless you for being the best of all mothers, many greetings from your son who always remembers you and takes you in his heart”.

:: “Dear Mom, in my room I have a calendar on which marked the days until I come home to see you again and to celebrate special occasions like your birthday, happy birthday Mom”.

:: “I know that in these times you get nostalgic as I am not by your side but I ask you to be patient, you will see that the time will pass quickly and soon you will be receiving me with open arms. Congratulations on your birthday from your son who loves you very much”.Send nice happy birthday wishes for Mother by mobile.#BirthdayGreetingsForMother

Happy birthday wishes for Mom

:: “Many greetings to the most beautiful birthday of all, you know I am with you always, remembering you and sending you my love despite the distance. I know that God will grant all your requests in this day and see you again soon”.

:: “Mom, your love is the engine that drives my dreams and your advice is my compass on the road. Thanks for being my guide! Happy birthday!”.

:: “On your birthday, I want to wish you a day full of pampering and a year full of joy. I adore you, Mom. Congratulations!”.

:: “Every day I am grateful to have such a loving, understanding and wise Mother. Happy birthday to the best Mom in the world!”.

:: “Mom, your presence in my life is like a hug that calms my worries and encourages my dreams. Happy birthday and all my love to you!”.Find the perfect birthday gretings & cards for my Mother.#BirthdayGreetingsForMother

Thoughtful quotes to say
“Happy Birthday, Mom”.

:: “From other lands I send you a special greeting for your birthday, I love you and miss you very much and I can not wait to see you again to hold you and tell you how much I love you”.

:: “You are a wonderful mother and always have given me the best of you, thanks for making me a good man and for showing me through example that we should strive to achieve our goals. Congratulations on your birthday”.

:: “This greeting is for you mom, for being a very special birthday girl and the best of all mothers in the world, happy birthday and may God bless you”.

:: “Dear Mom, from far away I send you my congratulations on your birthday. I am keeping your gift to give it to you personally, just be a little patient. I love you”.

It is not easy being away from our loved ones but despite this family bond stay remains strong and calls us back home. Do not forget to show your Moom how much you love her and send these original birthday messages for a Mother , best birthday greetings for Mother , birthday phrases for Mother .

Although you can not be present, a few heartfelt words are enough to express how much you love them. In our website you will always find phrases and messages for any occasion and the best advice. We hope to see you back soon.What to say to my Mother on Mother birthday.#BirthdayGreetingsForMother

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