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One of the most loved ones for all of us, are our brothers, for we know them since ever and we have shared almost all of our lives and our fondest memories by their side. So when it is their birthday, we should celebrate it in the best possible way.

A nice touch we can have with our brother for his birthday is to dedicate him a verse in which we congratulate him and tell him how important he is for us. You can send him any of the verses we offer you below. Choose the one you like the most and send it through social networks or write them down on a birthday card for him.

Free list of birthday messages for your brother:

:: “Today we celebrate a very special day because in this same day, many years ago, you came into this world to become a great friend, a great company, and in other words, to be my brother. I want to thank you for all the good times we shared together, for all the adventures that we live and for all the plans we made. On this day birthday I want to ask God to bless you with good health and prosperity and to allow us to have many more years together to enjoy”.
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:: “Dear brother today is your birthday and I want to wish you much happiness. I also want you to know that sharing my life with you has brought me much joy and satisfaction. Thanks for always taking care of me and protecting me from harm. I am very grateful to you for guiding me through the journey of life. May God fill your life with many blessings? ”
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:: “Dear brother, today is your birthday, and on this special date I ask God to bless you with many special gifts, endless joy, the love of your loved ones and the realization of all your dreams. May you have a happy birthday dear brother, I always remember you for being my friend and for everything you taught me about life, those lessons that have helped me become a good person. You deserve the best”.
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:: “Many congratulations on the day of your birthday, brother of my heart. I will always remember you as my younger brother who came to our home loaded with lots of joy and happiness. You will always have an important place in my heart and my best wishes for you to do great in life. Remember that I will always be there for anything you need, I love you”.
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– I know that we have gone through many difficult times together. But despite the discussions we have had, I want you to know that I love you because you are my brother and I always wish you only the best. Those special moments that we lived together are always in my memory, and I want us to be together for always taking care of each other. Have a very happy birthday and may all your dreams come true”.
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:: “A day like today, 20 years ago, you came into this world to become the joy of our lives. Thanks for being a great friend and above all for being a great brother. Have a birthday filled with much joy, happiness and of course lots of presents. Never forget that I am here for anything you need because I appreciate you with all my heart”.
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Dedicate any of these verses to your brother and you will make him very happy on his birthday.

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