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College graduation:
Phrases to congratulate the graduate

What do you write in a high school graduation card funny?
Searching for a University graduation wishes and messages to write in a card ? . Accompanying a loved one throughout their university career is something very special, because we can see how they go through a major transformation until they become young professionals who will change the course of things.

When the career is finally over, it is time to celebrate the graduation of that beloved person, and what better way to do it than with these beautiful graduation messages we have prepared for you below:

Graduation wishes: What to write in a graduation card

:: “Congratulations! You are the most beautiful graduate of all, and I am not just saying that because I am your Mother. I am proud to see you so fulfilled and happy, the truth is that you have earned everything with your effort”.
:: “I want you to receive this message of congratulations on your graduation. We are all thinking of you and sending you all the love in the world. Congratulations, we love you dearly!”.
:: “I remember when it was my turn to graduate, so I imagine the happiness and excitement you must be feeling right now. You deserve it, brother! Congratulations on your graduation day!”.
:: “Little brother, how happy I am to be able to accompany you on such an important and special day as your graduation. I know you will continue to grow in the professional field because you’re a boss. I love you very much”.
:: “Congratulations, my love! Can you believe you’re graduating today? I can’t tell you how proud I am right now. You’re amazing! I love you so much!”.High school graduation best wishes

Graduation messages and wishes for Messenger

:: “I was lucky to be able to accompany you on this roller coaster of emotions and today, after a great struggle and an unparalleled effort, you manage to graduate in style. You are my hero”.
:: “I can’t tell you how happy I’m to see that you are slowly reaching your goals, sister. Now with this new achievement you have opened incredible doors and you won’t regret the effort you put in. Keep going, graduate!”.
:: “I congratulate you on your graduation! Not everyone gets to where you have gotten to. Your claw and dedication are enviable, and your determination has allowed you to cross the finish line. I love you”.
:: “Bravo on your graduation! Our parents must be so proud of you, because you’re such a role model. I admire you so much and I love that you’re my big brother. Kisses”.
:: “Big things are coming for you, my love. You finished college, but I want you to know that this is just the beginning. Congratulations and let’s move on to more challenges!”.

Congratulations on your graduation messages

:: “Congratulations on this important occasion, my friend. The adventure is about to begin and you already have all the tools you need to solve any problem that comes your way”.
:: “Today we know that the sky is not the limit, champion, because you have shown us with your example the way to go. Happy graduation, my soul brother! You are the best!”.
:: “Congratulations, sister! You managed to reach the goal you set for yourself and that’s very admirable. You’re an amazing human being and I know you’ll be an excellent professional. I love you very much”.
:: “I’m so proud to celebrate this great personal triumph by your side. I know that nothing and nobody can stop you, son, because you are a true fighter. I love you”.
:: “Happy graduation! I hope that you keep moving forward with your characteristic claw and that you continue to dream big, because this is the first step in thinking about the path that we are taking. I love you”.Download Whatsapp graduation greetings & images

Best Facebook graduation greetings & images

:: “The satisfaction you have given us as parents is immense, dear son. Congratulations on your great achievement! We have no doubt that you will achieve all the goals you choose to face”.
:: “The struggle has been constant and the work has been hard, but this beautiful path to make way for the professional world is finally coming to an end. Your results show what you’re made of. Congratulations!”.
:: “Congratulations, my love! So many years of effort paid off and today you reap the rewards as incredible achievements that will accompany you throughout your life. Love you”.

Do not miss the opportunity to send one of these beautiful phrases of congratulations for university graduation, you’ll see how happy the recipient is, because it will let him know how special it is for you and all the pride you feel. Come back for more free, beautiful phrases.High school graduation wishes and quotes to write in a card

Top Whatsapp graduation messages for friends

Graduation wishes: what to write in a graduation card ? If you are celebrating one of the most important events in your life like your graduation, then congratulations are in order. It really requires a lot of effort to complete the studies that one day we started.

Whether of a career or a specialization, finishing the studies means the beginning of a new life filled with great success at the professional level that will be the result of the great effort that has been made for a very long time.

Share it with your fellow classmates the happiness you feel for having shared with them beautiful moments and the result achieved.

In this article we present you a list of greetings you can use to greet your friends on your graduation. Select the phrase you like the most and send it to your friends for this great achievement in your lives.Happy graduation messages with pictures

Download best graduation quotes and sayings

:: “A stage of our lives has been left behind and so we start a different one, may everything go very well and may you remain being so dedicated and responsible as ever”.
Category :Graduation quotes & sayings
:: “It has been a joy to study next to someone as nice as you, there is no doubt your intelligence and dedication will get you far in life. I wish you all the best and thank you for giving me your friendship over the years”.
Category :Graduation quotes & sayings
:: “ From now on we will have many more challenges to face , but certainly success will be a part of our lives. Congratulations to all our dear fellow graduates”.
Category :Graduation quotes & sayings
:: “I will miss you so much dear Luciana , I dedicate this message to you because you have always been a very good friend . We are about to graduate and despite the great happiness I feel, there is some nostalgia because a stage of our lives is over. May everything go very well”.
Category :Graduation quotes & sayings
:: “Today we have graduated and it has not been easy to get to this point, we had to give our utmost dedication and put aside other activities.
But it was all worthwhile and we can show our parents that we valued their efforts. I wish all of you much success and may we all become outstanding professionals”.
Category :Graduation quotes & sayingsDownload graduation greetings images for Facebook

What do you say to a highschool graduate?

:: “On this day in which we will receive ourselves as professionals we feel a great emotion and a great happiness for having come this far. All the sacrifices we have made will be rewarded greatly. Congratulations to all of you dear friends”.
Category :Graduation messages & wishes
:: “Receiving education is a privilege, as of this moment we will take on new challenges and with our dedication and effort we will demonstrate that we are very capable . I wish lots of success to each and every one of you in your professional and personal lives”.
Category :Graduation messages & wishes
:: “I thank God for this great achievement . I also thank all of our teachers and parents who have made it possible that today we graduated. May God bless each of you and may you be outstanding professionals”.
Category :Graduation messages & wishes
:: “Our graduation indicates that we have worked hard and that we are responsible people. I thank you all because it was a great experience to study with you . May we have many successes in our lives”.
Category :Graduation messages & wishes
:: “It was an honor to have studied with such special people like you. May the friendship we have developed help us remain always united. Many congratulations dear friends and let us go now and celebrate our graduation”.
Category :Graduation messages & wishes

:: “Many congratulations dear friends, today we will receive our professional title and we will start a career filled with many achievements. I wish you all the best in the world to each one of you and thank you so much for giving me your friendship throughout our career”.
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