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When a friend’s birthday arrives, it is always a pleasure to celebrate, because friendship is a bond that unites people for a long time, not to say forever. This time we will leave cute birthday phrases for friends, so you would send your best wishes to that great person who is always by your side.

In this article we wanted to express our consideration to great friends and for that reason we have created excellent birthday messages to share, hoping you would like them.

Hopefully, with the best birthday dedications for friends that we present you here, you will be able to reinforce that friendship that you have for many years.

Very beautiful birthday words:

:: “Dear friend, I did not want to let this day go by without wishing you the best birthday of your life. May everything be happiness and that the successes continue for many years. A big hug for you and Happy Birthday”.
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:: “With the affection of all life, receive my fraternal greetings on your birthday, may this year be better than the previous one and may God bless you always”.
Category: Happy Birthday texts
:: “On this special day you deserve to have fun, so we, your friends, will try to make your day great. Receive from me a hug and remember that I esteem you very much. Happy Birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday texts
:: “May this year be blessed with the grace of God so that all your projects may be concluded favorably. Happy Birthday my friend”.
Category: Happy Birthday texts
:: “May life give you all the love you deserve for being the best friend of the entire universe. Thanks for your advice and friendship. Congratulations on this birthday”.
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Send cute birthday messages:

:: “May this birthday would be a good opportunity to gather all the friends who do not see you long ago, to share your day in a big way and talk about our lives. Many hugs and congratulations”.
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:: “All year will be successful for you because you are the best friend I have, apart from having many virtues, you are a respectable man and gentleman. I wish you a beautiful and fun birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday messages
:: “What comes out of my heart is all the gratitude I have in my soul for you, because our friendship is so valuable that it has no price. Thanks for being my friend. Happy Birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday messages
:: “Many times my life has been prey to the happiness of having your friendship. Thank you because you are a super friend and because you have made my life the happiest by sharing great moments with you since childhood to the present. Happy birthday dear friend”.
Category: Happy Birthday messages
:: “Happy birthday, may life fill you with blessings and good wishes for prosperity. A fraternal hug from your true friend. Happy Birthday”.
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We finish this article, hoping that the birthday texts for your best friend are well received and reach their goal. Likewise we remind you that you can download short birthday SMS to send to that great friend you have.

The best free birthday quotes

A good friend is who has accompanied us every day in the good and bad times of our lives, so today we offer you the most precious birthday texts for your best friend.

Although it is a matter of looking for reasons, a well-cultivated friendship will give you good results and there will always be occasions to get together, for which we have prepared the best birthday dedications for your best friend.

Hopefully with the best birthday messages for friends you would express the great appreciation you have for him and your best wishes for this New Year of life.

Wonderful birthday texts:

:: “Dear friend, it will give me great pleasure to see you again after so much time of distance, special reason to give us the best hug and wish you good vibes on your birthday”.
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:: “Happy birthday to my best friend, may everything be happiness and prosperity and may your friends and family remember your day with a lot of affection”.
Category: Happy Birthday SMS
:: “Thank you for your great friendship, gratitude is what I will always have towards you because for me you are the most valuable man in the world, you are a person full of values and virtues. Happy Birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday SMS
:: “Many blessings for my soul friend, wishing you have a happy birthday sent you a big hug and my best wishes. Happy birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday SMS
:: “May all the days of your life be like the day of your birthday, full of happiness, sharing with the people who most value you. Happy Birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday SMS
:: “Happy birthday, may all your dreams be achieved over time and may you become a great professional. I send you a big hug”.
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Download free birthday phrases:

:: “May the celebration of this day be wonderful because we are going to treat you as you deserve my best friend. You are a great friend and an excellent person. Happy Birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday phrases
:: “I have never told you this before because maybe there was no time, but today that is the celebration of your birthday, I want to express my best wishes to you. Congratulations”.
Category: Happy Birthday phrases
:: “Happy birthday, may love and joy be the biggest reasons to celebrate your day. Get lots of hugs and affectionate greetings from my whole family”.
Category: Happy Birthday phrases
:: “To the best friend that I have, that without a doubt is also the best son, I send you a great birthday greeting hoping that your goals would be fulfilled”.
Category: Happy Birthday phrases
:: “Many congratulations on your birthday, receive my greetings with all my heart and share a splendid day with your family and friends. Happy Birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday phrases

We end article about special birthday phrases for your best friend, hoping that they will be of great pleasure to those who receive them. Remember that you can also send short birthday messages for friends as text messages or using Facebook and Twitter.

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