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Romantic New Year
Sweet new year greeting cards for whatsapp and Facebook

How do you wish someone a Happy New Year?,What should I write in a Happy New Year card? .We would like our couples to tell us words of love at every moment, and that makes even more sense when it approaches Christmas and new year, you must never let the love that is in your heart get cold or try to silence it.

Send new year phrases of love to your partner and let him or her know how much you love him or her.

Here are some phrases that you can use to send as a text or by posting it on Facebook, and you’ll realize how happy your partner would feel to receive such a nice message.

Happy new year wishes and short new year messages

-We’ve been together one more year in which we have shared many things, it has been a wonderful year in which we’ve been able to strengthen our relationship.

I love you with all my heart, and because of it I want to show you that is true by promising that all things will work much better this new year: Happy new year my love.
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-Thank you my love for making all my days start in a happy way with your company. Happy New Year and may God always be with us and take care of our love. Cheers for this beautiful day and for our love.
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-My love with all my heart I hope this new year would be excellent for you, and that life would provide all the things you need and the heavens give you many blessings, and the world would give you pleasant things and especially I’ll always give my unconditional love. A big kiss for you my love.
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-I want you to know that I love you more today than yesterday, our lives became one and resulted in our matchless love we feel. Happy new year my love, please smile all the time, and I will try to make you always happy.
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Find best happy new year wishes & greetings

-Today I woke up remembering the first time we met, I wish you a happy new year and I’m sure it will be a year of goals met, a big kiss my love.
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-Even having some differences, the past year I also had many joys, which motivated me to love you every day. I sincerely hope that this new year comes filled with patience and joy. Love of my life, have a happy year.
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-Today my love begins a new stage in our lives: I wish you a year full of magic and that is what you deserve: Thank you for being yourself.
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-My Life , I greet you for the New Year and I wish this year the life would give you many nice surprises. Today my love has grown faster than ever before and no one can erase it from my heart. God always bless us as a couple.
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When we express our feelings of love and affection life becomes much prettier, so we advise you to send a message to all your loved ones: the beginning of a year is a great time to greet people and it won’t cost you anything. Happy New Year.

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