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How do you wish a
CEO happy birthday?

How do you say happy birthday to your business partner?

How should I say happy birthday to my boss? No matter where you are, as long as there are people and you’re celebrating a birthday or other special event, it is important that the proper celebration is being held in order to honor the special person of the day.

For example, in a company, it is important that an employee’s birthday is remembered and celebrated, no matter what their rank in the company might be.

This day is definitely among the favorites of all people, so we cannot miss the opportunity to make a celebration that allows the honoree to realize how much the company values him or her.

The good thing about these kinds of things within the company is that the impact falls squarely on increased productivity and employee motivation.

If you are part of the human resources department or the agency responsible for keeping employees happy, you cannot miss this opportunity to write a cute birthday card in the name of your company. Here are two models to inspire cute birthday wordings for your Boss

Professional birthday wishes cards for employers and employees

Birthday letter sample #1:

City and date

Mr. (Name of honoree)

Your birthday is a very special day that could not go unnoticed by the company and that is why we extend our warmest congratulations on behalf of the entire organization. We are all excited to have you as part of the team and we want you to know how much we value you.

We are delighted to share with you this special day and we are very pleased to have you on the team as part of the staff. We hope this day is full of surprises and rewards for you.

We expect that your day is great to finish and that you feel very celebrated, full of blessings and special presents. We expect you to achieve your ideals and to be very happy, hopefully some of that happiness can be given by us.

We send you our strongest hugs and we want you to know that we are constantly supporting you, so feel free to send us any questions or suggestions. We want you to be happy at all times.

All our corporate family here at (Company name) wishes you the happiest birthday and we have the best desires for you on your special day.

Sincerely yours,

(Name of manager or person in charge of the letter)

Here we present you another model that could be of help on a similar occasion:what to say to my Boss on her birthday

Birthday letter sample #2:

Dear partner of the organization,

Today we are pleased to address to you, especially for such an important day. We hope you enjoy in the company of all the organization, unforgettable moments.

We are happy to be with you for another year, where we will celebrate many successes and be thankful for having the necessary health to move forward and grow even more.

Also, we sincerely hope that health always accompanies you, since there is no greater treasure than that, because we can be there for our loved ones.

We want you to continue with the joyful mood that distinguishes you from the rest, because you are a very important part of the company. We wish you to keep improving everyday and to feel very comfortable been part of our huge family

We are very pleased to be with you today and we are very proud for having you in our company, you are an essential part of the organization.

We will continue to count on your support for much longer and we hope that you will continue to help us achieve the goals of the company and your own. We value you very much and that is why we did not hesitate to celebrate you and let you know how proud we are for having you.

Again we want you to know how eager we are to stand by your side and offer you all the facilities that are in ourselves, because as a company, along with our best wishes, we want to mention that you have earned an increase in your payment check, for a work like yours is worthy of recognition. We are counting on you to keep growing and developing among our company.

Happy birthday, those are the best wishes of our organization and we wish you much success.

It is important to mention how the company values the individual concerned and also respecting their standards are met.

For an employee it is a great recognition to become a creditor of something like this, for been celebrated and getting a raise in your salary can be very motivational and increase the productivity of the employee and, therefore, the company´s income. Come back soon!download birthday greetings for your Boss

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