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Finding the perfect person to live a romantic relationship with is not easy. We have all heard eternal love stories that only last for a few months and you may wonder if the same can happen to you.

Well, in love, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but if you are not willing to give everything for the person you love, then you will never achieve anything.

If you have the perfect person for you by your side, dedicate one of the texts we offer you below to promise your eternal love to him or her. Read them carefully, choose the one you like most and publish it through social networks.

Free examples of love texts to send by whatsapp :

– “From the first moment I fell for you I could feel that you were the person I had always waited for. Now that I have your love, I will try my best every day for our relationship to last forever. “
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– “By your side I got to know what true love and true happiness really are. You have completely changed my life and I so want to give you my love forever. “
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– “With you I discovered that heaven is real, it exists and I live there with you every day of our lives. I want our relationship to last forever and that we make our best effort so that we have a wonderful future together. “
Category: Love texts

– “Not long ago we were just friends but we began to discover and share so many things we have in common that a love was born between the two of us. I want you to know that I will love you for all eternity.”
Category: Love texts

– “You and I are meant for each other and nothing and nobody can change that. I love you with all my heart because I found true happiness by your side, I love you and I will love you forever. “
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– “My love, I am not perfect and I can make mistakes, but our love is so wonderful that every day I will try my best to be better and for our relationship to last for eternity.”
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– “You restored my hope in love by giving me the best of you, and every passing day I feel that I love you even more. So I am confident that our love will last forever. “
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– “This is a very special day because I promise you that my love for you will be eternal. I cannot imagine my life without you by my side. “
Category: Love texts

– “I want to promise you that under no circumstance I will separate myself from you, our love is so beautiful and we are so happy together that I want us to be together for all eternity.”
Category: Love texts

– “You are my dream company, the woman I want for eternity so that we can always be happy together.
Category: Love texts

– “The first time I saw you I could feel that you were the one for me in my heart, so I want to tell you that my love for you is eternal, I will always be by your side giving you the best of me.”
Category: Love texts

When your partner receives any of these texts, he or she will feel very happy to know that your love is sincere. Come back soon for our most romantic texts. Best of luck!

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