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Be accompanied by a person with whom you feel good is always important; when we feel good with each other, the relationship is strengthened and the years that pass strengthen ties. Spend a year with our partner is always a reason to celebrate and to be happy.

Think about the fact that you have a person you love and that person loves you. With that person you share good times. Maybe you’re about to turn a year with your partner and you want to surprise him / her and celebrate the opportunity that you were given to be together.

This article will show you some of the phrases that you can use for that special day to show the love and all the good feelings you feel for your partner.

Free list of phrases for your anniversary:

– “I’m lucky to have crossed your path and meet you, but much more because you decided to know me too, now we love each other and we have a lifetime to keep doing it”
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– “The words are gone with the wind, but our love does not do that even with the more intense storm, happy anniversary my love”
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– “Since you came into my life, everything changed, I wake up thinking of you, think of you day and night. I love you and I am so glad I had you with me one year. “
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– “Anniversary, another reason to kiss you long regardless of anything around me”
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– “There is no material thing in the world that makes me happier than another anniversary with you”
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– “My life revolves around you, you made me change, I began to write love poems, I offer my life for you my love”
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– ” Moments with you are my favorites, and sure today we would meet together once again, I promise to make you the happiest woman in the world.”
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– ” I found you on the path of life, you did not hesitate to get in the car of love and kissed me passionately, happy anniversary, I cannot imagine my life without you. “
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– “You came to me in difficult times and when I was talking to you I realized that you’re all that I was looking for, I was right, after a year I can still say that I found love”
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– “Today is a very special day, it is our anniversary, and we will show that even though we have fun together, this is not a game, it is our love.”
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– “I have been through many difficult situations, but you always make me things easier, you enlighten my way and my make my heart happy, so I have to tell you that you’re the nicest person I’ve ever met, happy anniversary”
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– “Being with you is living a dream, sometimes I pretend to wake up but I realize that you’re my happy reality, happy anniversary my love.”
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These phrases and many others that you may invent from the above definitely will make you succeed in communicating the message you want to convey to your partner. You would make him or her happy and you will have some memorable moments together.


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