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Romantic Good Night phrases

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Looking for romantic Good Night love poems ? . If what you are looking for, are nice words or phrases you can use to dedicate to someone once the day is over, here are a few short poems that would definitely help you accomplish your mission:

Sweet romantic Good Night poems

:: “I thank to God every time I see you because you are next to me
Without you, I know my life would wonder in uncertainties as when you throw a dice
I thank you for existing and letting me being always by your side
I just can say that having you next to me is the best thing that God has ever given to me”.
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:: “Only someone like you can illuminate this night with her beauty
I know the stars envy the glow and brightness you radiate
I fell so lucky of knowing that there will be a tomorrow with you”.
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:: “I hope you have a good night and that you rest well
Now that a new day has ended
Let the moon and stars be in your dreams
You know that angels will take care of you and they will be by your side”.
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Best Good Night poems
to make her fall in love with you

:: “As you wake up every day, the sun comes out and illuminates
As night arrives, is the moon the one that illuminate us
In the sky we see the tiny stars, shining as diamonds
For me, only your beauty, could even compare to that”.
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:: “Once again, the beauty of the night arrives
When I see you close your eyes
What I want the most in my life
Is that those dreams you have, are of peace and greatness”.
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:: “During nights when I see the stars
And I look all and each of them
I remember those times I told you
Until tomorrow, my beautiful maiden”.
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Sweet Dreams darling
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:: “The pretties thing of each day
Is the arrival of the night
Just because maybe I know
That in my dreams you will be present”.
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:: “The happiest nights
Are those in which I can hold your hand
Kiss you in the forehead
And tell you that I love you”.
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:: “As days go by
I feel it as a gift
For beginning my days with you
And because all nights
You are right next to me”.
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:: “I know your dreams will be wonderful
As the moon and the stars are
Because they taught me that good people
Sleep very happy and content”.
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Romantic Good Night love phrases

:: “Each time I realize the night is about to arrive
I think in my destiny and I am lucky
Just because I have lived
A beautiful and joyful day, in which you were by my side”.
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:: “Being with you each day
Is enjoying the most beautiful moments
And each dawn we are together
I embrace it and take care of it as if it were my treasure”.
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:: “Rest well and sleep happy
The fact of knowing that you are alive in the world
In enough for me”.
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Sweet & romantic Whatsapp
Good Night messages

:: “Each night before you go to sleep
Try to think about me
About everything we have done together
And remember what I have done for you as well”.
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:: “Another day has ended
I hope you spend a really good night
Where you can dream with little angels
Singing the most beautiful songs”.
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:: “Only the beauty of your spirit is capable of guiding me through the night even though it is dark
Only your smile has the power of making me happy on a day of misery
But the simple fact of knowing that once the day ends I will rest by your side
Makes me think that being with you is one of the greatest presents God has given to me”.
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We hope you have been able to find a poem from the previous list that suits you. Have a good night.

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