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Romantic phrases
that melt hearts

Download best love messages with pictures for girlfriend

Searching for sweet text messages ? Since love came into your life everything has been better, you are so happy and in your mind there is only room for beautiful romantic thoughts inspired by your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend surprises you with many romantic details that make you fall in love, so it is important that to share tender love phrases with him.

Win your boyfriend’s heart with the sweet romantic texts to download that we bring you in the next lines. We hope you both like them.

Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “In your arms is the only place where I feel peace; and only in your kisses can I find the reason that makes sense of my life”.

:: “I want to heal the wounds that the past left you and give you all the love that flows for you in my heart”.

:: “In your eyes I can see that you are the person I always looked for; Blessed be the day I found you”.

:: “I wake up wanting to hug you and I fall asleep thinking about how lucky I am to have your sincere love”.

:: “I look to the future and I cannot imagine it without you because you are the light that guides my life and fills my soul with love”.Download sweet I miss you quotes for Whatsapp

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “You have seen me in my worst moments and far from running away you stayed to show me that the love you feel for me is real”.

:: “I am not the same as I was because your love renewed my illusions and every day by your side I feel hope in a better world”.

:: “In my heart there is a song that brightens my days and is my cooing at night; that melody is so beautiful because it reminds me of your voice”.

:: “The stars of the sky shine brightly because behind each of them are the kisses you have given me”.

:: “My sadness had no choice but to leave because since I met you, you make my days happy. I love you!”Download best Whatsapp romantic messages for Her

Deep love quotes to express how you really feel

:: “Whenever life would like to separate us we will show that this love has no limits and never will”.

:: “You are the chosen one of my heart, that man who conquered me with his words and has fulfilled every promise he made to me”.

:: “I feel panicked to think that one day you will not be by my side; As long as I live, I want to love you and be the reason for your happiness”.
:: “My friend, advisor, guide and my love; all that and much more is what you represent to me”.

:: “I’m hurt by the years in which I still didn’t know, but you heal those wounds with every kiss you give me”.Beautiful love messages to share by Instagram,

Best ‘I love you’ quotes about soulmates for Him & Her

:: “Before you I crossed my arms against my chest to protect my heart, but there was something about you that made me trust in love. And look at me now, I’m extremely happy!”.

:: “So many love songs and any of them talks about a love as strong as the one between us”.

:: “You are the one who made those childhood dreams come true; finding a blue prince seemed far away, but fortunately I succeeded”.
:: “You have something special that makes me forget about myself; I feel that every moment of my existence I must dedicate it to you”.

:: “You rescued my heart from the abyss I was in and taught me how to trust so that I could love again”.Thank you for sharing your love with me text messages

Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

:: “In my open arms I receive you, with hope in my heart and joy in my soul because love has finally come to my life”.

:: “I don’t want to decipher you, I don’t want you to understand me; I just want us to love each other and that nothing would change this feeling”.

:: “When I pronounce your name I feel that I invoke an angel who will come to cover me under the wings of his love”.

:: “As a soft murmur I hear your name everywhere, it is my heart that just want to feel you again”.

:: “Your face gives me peace; In your eyes I find tranquility. You are the perfect man, which I thought I would never find”.

:: “When your voice calls me I don’t hesitate to go because there is no better place for me than the shelter of your hugs”.

It will be a beautiful surprise for your partner to receive any of these beautiful love messages.

Make each day unique and special by dedicating romantic love phrases to your boyfriend, here you will find the most original so come back whenever you like.Free download love cards with romantic quotes for Whatsapp

Pure love messages &
romantic quotes

To get to the heart of that guy you like so much, a beautiful and sincere words can be very effective.

They love to be flattered, so do not forget that you should tell him you like many things about the way he is and that you love spending time with him, make him feel like unique and show your willingness to establish a relationship, without throwing yourself at him.

You can mention that he has awakened something in you that you have never experienced before and thus he will feel motivated to move forward and use his creativity to conquer your heart.

To help you with your conquest then we bring you some beautiful phrases that will help you tell this guy that you like him and that you would like to be conquered by him.

Check them out and use the ones you like most to send them via an SMS or through social networks.

Beautiful love text messages to send by Messenger

:: “You make me feel unique. You are the man who I always looked for and I am willing to do anything for your love”.
:: “There is a beautiful feeling that has begun to be born in my heart and every time I see you it get stronger”.
:: “When I see you smile it lights up my world and if you look at me, everything around me begins to turn”.
:: “All the bad things are left side is when I am by your side as you make me feel very special and in my thoughts there is only you”.
:: “I ask your heart for a chance to show that the love I feel for you is true”.
:: “I will not look any more, I have finally found the man of my dreams. It is you who I want to be forever”.Sweet & romantic messages for girlfriend for Whatsapp

Best romantic WhatsApp messages for boyfriend 

:: “Your voice is like a caress to my ears and your look is my source of happiness. I adore you and with you I would be very happy”.
:: “I like to see you smile as you rub your joy in me. I want you to know that I am in love with you and I will fight to win your heart”.
:: “When you are by my side everything else disappears, it is as if I was disconnected from the world because I only have eyes for you”.
:: “I have always wondered what love is and now I have the answer. Love is you and because of that I want to be by your side”.
:: “I deeply appreciate your presence just because you make me very happy. I would love to be able to stop time whenever I am with you”.
:: “Life is beautiful and I have discovered that since I met you. You are the most charming guy of all and I would like to steal a kiss from your sweet lips”.

Cute & romantic texts to send by Whatsapp

:: “Since I met you I liked you very much and as time has passed I have noticed that you are the guy of my dreams”.
:: “When I am by your side, all the sadness and pain go away. With you I have learned that there is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy every day of this miracle that is life”.
:: “You have come into my heart and nobody will be able to get you out. All I ask for is a chance and you will see that I will make you very happy”.
:: “When your lips approached mine our souls became one and now nothing can separate us”.
:: “Meeting you was a blessing and having your love is my greatest desire”.

Arm yourself with courage and send one of these phrases to the guy you like, you will realize that he will become more special and thoughtful and it will be a matter of time before he declares his intentions.Find best sweet & romantic text messages with images for girlfriend

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