Secret Relationships and Social Networks

Underground love in social networks In the past few years, we can see how the influence from the social networks has definitely changed the way we want to communicate. Nowadays, we can even have friends in any part of the world and talk to them while being apart from each other. However, it is naïve […]

Twitter And Other Social Networks

Twitter on Social Networks: In 2011 Twitter has had an amazing success. This social network is considered an essential tool to spread news and share web events. Twitter is a direct way to communicate with famous people we want to follow, and it is possible because many politicians, artists and sports people have an account […]

Facebook And Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter: Around the world, Twitter and Facebook are among the most used social networks. They have benefitted many people because they make communication easy and instant. We can communicate with both friends and unknown people around the world. It must be mentioned that both social networks have turned around communications and they both […]

History And Use Of Twitter

Twitter’s History and Usefulness: Currently,Twitter is among the social networks with the most users. In this social network, we communicate with both unknown and famous people on this network. Jack Dorsey created it in 2006 and Twitter became one of the best known networks in the world. This year it is estimated that it has […]

Facebook The Best Social Network

Facebook: Its History and What It Can Do Its 600 million users make Facebook the largest social network in the world, considering the number of its registered users. In this social network, user can do many things like chat, share photos, send messages, play many games and more. The first step to be part of […]

Finding Friends In Twitter

Quick Ways to Find Friends If You Are New In Twitter: Having Twitter among social networks has become a challenge for the communications system. Through this system, some people contact organizations and people they are interested in. Others want to contact their friends to chat with them. Whatever their reasons are, Twitter is a big […]

How to Talk with a Girl you don’t Know

How to Talk with a Girl you don’t Know

How to Start a Talk with a Girl You Do Not Know: We have talks every day and in different situations. What is simple can turn complex especially if it involves a girl. The first step when talking to a girl requires a minimum knowledge about topics she is interested in. This article will teach […]

Clandestine Love on the Internet

Clandestine Love on the Internet

Clandestine Relationships on the Internet: Internet and social networks have made today´s communication change impressively. It is now easy to contact our friends anywhere we can imagine in the world, and communicate with them all at the same time. But it would be naïve to think that social networks guarantee you more productivity and total harmony. […]