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Best Facebook graduation greetings & images

Graduation wishes: what to write in a graduation card ? Many people dream of the day they graduate, so it is one of the most important events in life.

There are students who begin studying very hard but at half of the career decide to abandon their studies, and among the many students who began studying only a few manage to complete their studies successfully.

If you have among your friends or family to someone who has recently graduated and want to wish him well, then you are in the right place. Then we present a list of greetings cards for graduation.

Choose the one you like most and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp to congratulate that person who, with much effort and dedication, has achieved to complete their studies.Top whatsapp graduation messages for friends

Graduation messages and wishes for Messenger

– “Be persevering and dedicated in your academic life has led you to where you are now, I congratulate you for have completed your studies successfully and wish you all the best in the world. “
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– “Those late nights studying and reading worthwhile have now its results. Today you will see all your efforts materialized in the professional title you are receiving, many congratulations. “
Category :Graduation text messages

– “Getting into college is difficult, but much more difficult is to get out, you are a very persevering and responsible girl and that’s why today you will graduate with honors. I wish you all the best. “
Category :Graduation text messages

– “Your graduation is one of the most important events you will always remember, you have made many sacrifices at that time and today you will offset all your effort. “
Category :Graduation text messages

– “The people who managed to graduate is because they never gave up and fought until the end, congratulations friend, you are a truly role model. “
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Congratulations on your graduation cute messages

– “The long-awaited day of your graduation has finally arrived and you have the open doors to a new period in your life, your dreams are waiting for you so go for them and get better tomorrow for you and your family, many congratulations “
Category : Congratulations on graduation

– “I have no doubt that you will be one of the best professionals in your field, you have proven to be the best, and so you will graduate from the University.”
Category : Congratulations on graduation

– “Your parents are very happy and proud to see that their son has achieved the dream of becoming a professional, now the doors to a better future open up before you. Congratulations.”
Category : Congratulations on graduation

– “On the day of your graduation I remember not only your effort was enough to achieve that goal, also are your parents, your fellow students and all teachers knowledge bequeathed you, never forget the wonderful times you have lived. Congratulations. “
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University graduation wishes and messages to write in a card

– “After all those sleepless nights and weekends of studying and doing work and many sacrifices, it is time to celebrate because you have accomplished graduate with honors. Many congratulations and success in your future.”
Category : Graduation wishes & greetings

– “You have always been one of the best students and now you are a graduated and you are a professional, you must fight to be one of the best in your field. Congratulations on your graduation. “
Category : Graduation wishes & greetings

– “You have gone through a tough road but you have managed to overcome and succeed and now you are a professional, you know that the road to success is never easy, but I am sure you will get everything you want. Congratulations “
Category : Graduation wishes & greetings

– “It is the time when all your sacrifices bear fruits and now you feel much satisfaction because you will graduate. Congratulations on this great achievement.”
Category : Graduation wishes & greetings

With these greetings cards for graduation, you can congratulate the new professional and at the same time wish him or her all the success in his/her future.Best Messenger graduation greetings & images

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