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At some point in our lives we will feel that unavoidable attraction for another person and after that it arrives the love, that inexplicable but very beautiful feeling that we feel deep within us.

Love is an absolute loyalty because it is based on respect and fidelity, it is a mutual feeling and that means that our love must be reciprocated and we must also have a lot of patience to maintain it and to make it last.

Below, we will leave some love phrases, for that special person, because it is always good to express your feelings and tell your partner that you love him/her very much, those small details become big and important.

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– “I want to please you for always being by my side and having those strengths that you have, you are my best friend, my accomplice, my partner and at the same time my great love, you are unique and incomparable, I love you”.
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– “In these months that we are together, I want to tell you that I love your company and the way see things, you surprise me with each day, I admire you and I love you so much.”
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– “You managed to make my gray sky turn colorful, I got those feelings and that desire to do things, and to be a better person every day, I am happy that you are always by my side, I love you”.
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– “Only you know how I am and you know me perfectly, I wish with all my being that you come back soon to join our hearts and live happily ever after, I love you, do not forget it”.
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– “Since I met you my days are complete and happy by your side, you are my complement to everything I do, every day I learn something new from you, never change, I adore you my life”.
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– “The beginning of this love brought me many surprises and happiness in my life, never imagine feeling so complete by your side, I want to remind you that you can always trust me, I love you”.
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– “On this beautiful day I want to tell you that you are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and that I do not imagine a life without you, you will always be everything for me, I love you with all my heart”
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– “Every time I look at you I really want to hug you, kiss you and tell you how much I love you and care about you, you are the light that illuminates my path and my desire to get ahead”.
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– ” I could never deny this love that I feel for you, you are very special to me and I love that you always fill my life with lots of joys and positive things, I will always thank you, I adore you”.
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– “My love, I want to tell you that from the first day I met you I fell in love with you, with those tender eyes and with that beautiful and transparent look that you have, you are unique to me, I love you”.
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Let’s dedicate these phrases to our special person so that he/she will always keep in mind the feelings we feel for him/her, let’s not let the years go by without expressing what we think, because time goes by very quickly and then we regret it.

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In this article we will leave love phrases, and we will talk about how nice it is to feel and live it, and the good that it often brings us, because it leaves us many unforgettable teachings and experiences that serve us well in our lives.

Love is a feeling that is felt by another person and must be pure, sincere and loyal; when you love someone what you want for him is his happiness regardless of whether or not you can be by his side.

Love does not have to be perfect; it simply must be pure and sincere because it is a feeling that comes from the deepest part of our being, from our heart, making us feel many joys.

The best free love texts:

– “The love I feel for you is so strong that breaks barriers and I will never regret loving you so much, you are the complement I always seek, you will always be my admiration, I adore you”.
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– “I can never forget those moments we spent together, and all the things we live, despite being far away, I still love you with all my heart, I will always remember you, I hope to see you soon”.
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– “With just a few looks our love was born, now after so many years I want to tell you that every day it gets stronger and I want to thank you for so much patience and understanding that you have with me”.
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– “The best moment of the day is when you hold me in your arms because I feel protected, special and very dear to your side, I hope our love lasts for many years, I love you”
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– “You were always by my side in those bad moments and that’s why I will never stop thanking you for all the good things you did for me, you are very special to me, I love you very much”.
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– “I feel very lucky to have you with me for so much happiness that you give me, people say that nothing is perfect but for me you are, I feel a lot of admiration and respect for you, I love you”.
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– “Your presence caused many changes in me, you were the love of my life and I will never forget you, I hope you find yourself well and that God guides your way, I fill you with blessings and a lot of love”.
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– “Just by listening to your voice and looking at you, I knew you would be for me, you are my other half and my best company, never change, you are perfect for me, I adore you”.
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– “I can never explain, all the love I feel for you, with you my world becomes magical and unreal, I want to tell you that you can trust me whenever you want, I love you”.
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– “What I remember most about you, is that beautiful smile you had, and those long talks we had together, I wish with all my heart that those moments come back, I miss you so much”.
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Being in love is the most beautiful feeling you can feel in life, because you feel as if you were in a perfect world in which everything is possible and there were no barriers or obstacles, so, send one of these beautiful love phrases to your partner.

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