Evolution of the Netbook

Introduction to Netbook computers : Currently, the Netbook is been widely demanded in the market section of laptops and it is a product usually chosen by young people and adults. The Netbook is different from a Notebook in many aspects, for instance, they have different sizes, usually ranging between 7 to 12 – inch screens, …

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Reasons To Study Computer Science

Reasons to Study Computer Science and Its Advantages : At present, it is very difficult to get a steady job. In some cases, people decide to study university careers or training programs, but there are an excess number of graduates in some fields and this makes the situation worse. Both adults and young people wonder …

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Computers Threats Worms

Worms: big threats The network is a place that exposes your computer to dangers or threats, within which there are worms. The main function of worms is to steal private information of restricted files. This article gives some details about what you should know about computer worms. A worm or worm is characterized by its …

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How To Detect Keyloggers On Your Pc

Detect and remove keyloggers on your PC A keylogger is a malicious software that will record everything you type on your keyboard including chat conversations, user names and passwords, websites you visited, etc. They can be a useful tool when used by parents to protect their children or companies to control what employees do with …

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Detect And Remove Key Loggers

Find out if your computer has a keylogger installed A keylogger is specialized software to capture and record all keystrokes that are made on a computer. They were created with the purpose of being used to provide security to businesses, companies and families. Unfortunately there are people who misuse this tool and use it to …

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The Best Antivirus For Windows 8

Windows 8: The most effective antivirus Keeping our computer working properly and without any problems is a task that can be a bit complicated, this is because there are many online malware programs whose mission is to infect your computer in order to steal your information, use it to spread itself, amongst other illegal activities. …

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