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Very nice birthday messages
for friends

Love birthday messages to wish that special someone

Looking for best birthday text messages for friends ? We all have a friend to whom we love. For all women have a good friend is more than that, is to have a sister who to trust. And for men to have a friend is helpful to know how women think and what they are like.

If this friend is so special to you, the least you could do for his or her birthday is to send her a nice message where you show how special she is to you and how much you value your friendship.

On this text we will show a list of cute birthday messages that you can send them by SMS or post them on your facebook wall or twitter and make her feel good on this special day for her.

Download the best happy birthday quotes for friends

:: “I send this message with all my sincere love to a very special friend to me, I want you to fulfill all your dreams and you have a special day today. Happy birthday my friend”.
Category :Birhday wishes for friends
:: “You have always been there when I needed it, you always knew how to give me great advice at the right time. I value you a lot more than you think. I love you, you’re my best friend. Happy Birthday”.
Category :Birhday wishes for friends
:: “Of all my friends you are the best, because ever since I look at you, I felt that I had know you all my life”.
Category :Birhday wishes for friends
:: “Happy Birthday dear friend, we’ve been through so much important things to me and so it is impossible for me to forget a special day like today. I send to you my best wishes, have a fantastic time”.
Category :Birhday wishes for friends
:: “Today is your birthday, you do not need the sun comes up, because you radiate joy which is enough to illuminate the whole world. Happy birthday, I love you”.
Category :Birhday wishes for friendsDownload super sweet happy birthday my love greetings

Birthday love messages for your beloved friends

:: “No matter the years we know each other, it is important to always keep that joy that pleases all the people you want. Happy Birthday my friend, have a great time”.
Category :Birhday messages for friends
:: “Since the first day we met, every moment of my life have change my life completely. You’re a great friend and I appreciate all the thing you have made for me.
I want you to know that you can always count on me and I will never let you down. I love you, happy birthday”.
Category :Birhday messages for friends
:: “With you I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve suffered and I’ve enjoyed. I would not change anything about what we have experienced and I hope us to live many more things together. Have a phenomenal birthday dear friend”.
Category :Birhday messages for friends
:: “You’re the kind of person I always liked to spend the time with. You inspire me to keep going. Considering me your friend is a privilege that I enjoy. Happy birthday my friend, I hope you to have a special day today”.
Category :Birhday messages for friends
:: “The distance will be not the reason for our friendship to end up. Although I am far away I want you to know I always think of you and that you are very valuable to me. Happy birthday best friend, I love you”.
Category :Birhday messages for friends

We hope these birthday phrases will be useful to demonstrate your good feelings for every special friend you have.Cute birthday letters for your friends

Birthday wishes for far away friend

When one wants to be around someone else, nothing and nobody can stop it or prevent it from happening. No matter how many kilometers are in the middle of them, now thanks to technology, we can be close to anyone.

Today, you are thinking about that friend who went away, looking for a better future but who, at the same time, has remained in your heart forever.

As we have said before, we are fortunate to have technological resources that bring us closer together, so it is time to take advantage of that and send a cute birthday greeting to that friend who is far away and that would be very happy by getting to know our good wishes in his or her special day.

Here you will find several beautiful and full of love greetings to fulfill your mission to greet your friend and show him or her your friendship. There are no excuses, these greetings are free and at your disposal, ready for you to give them your personal touch.

Download long best friend birthday wishes

:: “Dear buddy, you have no idea how much I am missing you right now that you are so far away and it has been so long ago that we do not see each other. Nevertheless, it is important for me to let you know what I feel for you and how much I love you.

I have nothing but good wishes for you on this day, your birthday. You are a super special person to me, and although we no longer talk as much as before, I always keep you in my mind, remembering your advices, our adventures and many anecdotes and laughter that could never be forgotten.

Have a great one, you deserve the best and I wish that for you with all my heart”.
Category : Long birhday messages for friends

:: “My friend, I wish you a great day and I want you to know that although there are thousands of kilometers between us, that does not shorten the love I have for you.

I know we will meet again soon, and then we will be able to catch up with outstanding celebrations. Many hugs, affection and congratulations on your day, you are the best”.
Category : Long birhday messages for friends

:: “Buddy, I know it is hard to be away because I have been in this situation as well, but I also want you to know that today is just to celebrate and to be thankful to life for having given us 365 extra with you.

Now you know more things than last year and your experiences are also much richer, so take advantage of this knowledge to go even further.

Be sure to challenge yourself, to set more goals and to pursue them, because that is the secret of life. As long as we have projects, we will live forever. Happy birthday, friend, I constantly think of you”.
Category : Long birhday messages for friends

:: “Not even by sending you all the birthday videos that are posted on the network, I could cover everything that you deserve in this special day for you, and for the people that loves you.

Remember that despite the distance, I always carry you in my heart, for you are to me like a brother. Have an amazing day, eat with no regrets and have all the fun in the world, because birthdays happen only once a year”.
Category : Long birhday messages for friends

:: “I realize that my virtual greeting does not have the same weight as a personal one, but unfortunately the distance makes it impossible to hug you and celebrate as we have done many times before.

I still wanted you to know I think constantly of you, that I miss you and that I am wishing you the best and I always will. I love you, dear friend. Happy birthday, happy life”.
Category : Long birhday messages for friends

You will see how happy your friend will be when he or she receives a greeting like ones shown above.

Whenever we have to leave, for either study, work or who knows, we often feel alone and unprotected, but receiving the affection of our loved ones is something that will always comforts us and bring a smile to our faces.

Come back soon, we will keep updating our site in order to please you.Find sweetest happy birthday wishes for Facebook

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