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Merry Christmas messages
for Girlfriend

Romantic Christmas wishes for lovers.#ChristmasCards,#Christmas,#MerryChristmasMessages,#MerryChristmasPhrases
What can I write in my Girlfriend Christmas card , searching for romantic Christmas wishes , Christmas love messages , Christmas greetings for lovers? .

Even if we have different ways of celebrating it, Christmas is extremely meaningful for each and every one of us. This is because what matters is that we celebrate it next to the people we love most in the world.

If you are looking for a nice text to wish a Merry Christmas to the love of your life, then you are in the right place because we have prepared a selection with many original texts you can choose from.

Choose the texts you like most and dedicate them with all of your love to your special someone, the person who has won over your heart, it will be a nice touch that he or she will appreciate.get sweet Christmas wishes for boyfriend.#ChristmasCards,#Christmas,#MerryChristmasMessages,#MerryChristmasPhrases

Get best Christmas
romantic messages

:: “Meeting you was the result of a miracle I asked for last Christmas, so this Christmas I want to thank the universe for that. Merry Christmas, my love”.
Category: Merry Christmas romantic messages

:: “A very merry and beautiful Christmas to my cute sweetheart, my precious girlfriend and the queen of my days and nights. I love you with all the strength I have in my heart”.
Category: Merry Christmas romantic messages

:: “I am very happy to be your fiancé, because I know that soon we will be married and enjoying a new life together. Merry Christmas, my love, I adore you”.
Category: Merry Christmas romantic messages

:: “I am so lucky to be able to share my days with such a lovely and beautiful girl like you: my fiancée. I wish you a merry Christmas, baby”.
Category: Merry Christmas romantic messages

:: “Christmas has a very special meaning for me now because I have you by my side I realize all the good things that I have in life. I wish you a Merry Christmas with all my love!”.
Category: Merry Christmas romantic messages
Romantic Christmas messages for boyfriend.#ChristmasCards,#Christmas,#MerryChristmasMessages,#MerryChristmasPhrases

What do you write in a Christmas card
to someone you love?

:: “May the whole world know that we love each other with all our hearts and that the cutest gift we have received on this Christmas is our relationship. My love, I wish you a Merry Christmas! ”
Category: Christmas love messages

:: “Merry Christmas, my beautiful child. I never imagined that I would be so happy in my life and that I would discover the true meaning of love beside a man as wonderful as you”.
Category: Christmas love messages

:: “This will be the happiest Christmas of my life because I have your love, because I enjoy your company and because we have a nice future that is waiting for us. I wish you much happiness, my prince charming!”
Category: Christmas love messages

:: “The time we have been dating has allowed me to discover what true love means and I have realized that is the best gift you have given me. Merry Christmas, my love! ”
Category: Christmas love messages

:: “Happiness is a part of my daily life since you and I love each other and I am very excited because this will be our first Christmas Eve together. Let us celebrate it with much happiness! ”
Category: Christmas love messages

Best romantic Christmas messages for Boyfriend.#ChristmasCards,#Christmas,#MerryChristmasMessages,#MerryChristmasPhrases

Top Christmas greeting cards & wishes

:: “On this Christmas, gifts are no longer the priority because since you gave me your love, I have everything I need to be happy in this world. My love, I wish you all the best and that you have a Merry Christmas!”
Category: Merry Christmas love wishes

:: “Our first Christmas together will be truly unforgettable and even more because we will give each other the most beautiful gift there can be in the world: our unconditional love. I wish you all the best!”
Category: Merry Christmas love wishes

:: “Merry Christmas, my beautiful girl! I thank you for illuminating my days with the light of your love and for giving me the best of your feelings. I will love you forever”.
Category: Merry Christmas love wishes

:: “Many congratulations on this Christmas, my beautiful child! I had never been so happy as now that I have your love, which is why I will always give you the best of my heart and me”.
Category: Merry Christmas love wishesMerry Christmas greeting cards for Facebook.#ChristmasCards,#Christmas,#MerryChristmasMessages,#MerryChristmasPhrases

Christmas quotes
for Facebook

:: “I have a little gift you I want to give you with all my love, but I want to give it to you with a huge hug and a kiss that touches your soul. Merry Christmas, my love! ”
Category: Christmas quotes for Facebook

:: “I would have loved to enjoy this Christmas Eve with you, but from a very long distance away I send you all my love. I will send you a sweet kiss at midnight, I love you my darling!”
Category: Christmas quotes for Facebook

:: “I had never been so happy in my life and I owe it all to the magic of your love. Let us celebrate this Christmas and make that our relationship become stronger than ever”.
Category: Christmas quotes for Facebook

:: “Christmas: a night of peace and a night of love, and that is how we will have the most beautiful Christmas ever! Merry Christmas darling!
Category: Christmas quotes for Facebook
Find happy holidays & Merry Christmas Messenger text messages.#ChristmasCards,#Christmas,#MerryChristmasMessages,#MerryChristmasPhrases

Romantic Christmas wishes
for lovers

:: “My beautiful Princess, happy holidays. My heart is filled with joy and love for you because we are celebrating Christmas and we have received the most beautiful gift of all: our love”.
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “When we are together people keep telling us that we are a nice couple and that is because the immense love we have for each other shows a mile away. I wish you a Merry Christmas with all my love! ”
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “As soon as midnight arrives we must be under the mistletoe to seal our love for all eternity with a passionate kiss. Merry Christmas, my love! ”
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “I will give you hundreds of thousands of hugs and kisses as your Christmas gift on this Christmas Eve. Happy holidays, you are my one and only love! ”
Category: Romantic Christmas wishes

We wish you all the best and hope that the love between you and your partner gets even stronger after these celebrations. Remember that we will be waiting for you with many more free texts.Happy Merry Christmas status for Whatsapp wishes.#ChristmasCards,#Christmas,#MerryChristmasMessages,#MerryChristmasPhrases

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