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When a relationship comes to an end, we know that the recovery process can be very difficult. Almost everything around us makes us sad or nostalgic because we remember the good and happy moments we had with our ex.

If you have any friends that are going through this unfortunate situation, send them a text encouraging and motivating them to move on and overcome all the bad things.

On the next few lines we offer you a series of texts that can help you, choose the one you like most and send it through your social network of your choice.

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:: “Keeping him in your heart will only deepen your wound, the pain is big, but that is what friends are for, I am sure that you will find someone who will value you from head to toe”.
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:: “Things that suddenly come to an end, like your relationship, tend to have a positive effect on the future of the two of you. Just give it some time and you will see that everything will go well”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “What you had was only a game, even though it hurts you to admit it. Nobody leaves so easily a person they claim to love. You deserve to be loved because you are an excellent person, I am sure that the right person for you will come into your life at the precise moment”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “Dear friend, I understand that you are going through a difficult situation right now, but remember they only make us wiser and stronger and they strengthen our character. I know that you are capable of anything, even leaving behind bad memories of your past relationship”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “You gave everything to her and she only gave you bad feelings. I understand your sadness, but you know that you will only be able to overcome it when you decide to do so. Remember I am here to support you whenever you need it most”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “He cheated on you, he told you that he loved you, but he went away with another woman very quickly. You will find someone who values you for who you are because you deserve it more than anyone”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “You have taken a big step in your life, you have managed to get him out of your life. Now you must learn to live alone without depending on others. Thankfully there are friends, you will see that everything will return to normal very soon”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “Love is a dangerous weapon, you loved it at first but now it leaves you a bitter taste in the heart”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “You will miss many things for a while, a relationship is not something you forget so easily. Remember that everything is up to you, and if keep your head busy with other things, you will see that you will recover quickly”.
Category: Love deception messages

We hope these texts help your friends in need. Do not ignore him when he needs your unconditional support the most.

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Certainly, it is not easy to start a relationship. At first, usually only one of them is in love and he or she does everything possible to win the heart of another person. However, it is even more difficult to end a relationship.

People change, love can come to an end because the relationship deteriorates of maybe because of a betrayal, so because of that the decision to put an end to the relationship is taken. We offer you a list of texts on the next few lines you can use to inform your partner that your relationship has come to an end.

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:: “I was so in love with you, but feelings change and for some time now I have been feeling that the love between the two of us has died”.
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:: “I am sorry I cannot give you all the love you deserve. I think that our relationship can no longer continue this way and the best for us would be to move on our own”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “You are a great girl and I have no doubt you will find someone who loves you. I do not want to hurt you anymore, so we better say goodbye to each other”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “Every time I saw you I got very happy, but now that is no longer the case as there is no more love between the two of us, it is just a habit. The only thing we have left is to accept that our relationship has come to an end”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “By now it no longer matters who is the one to blame, we are adults and we must admit that our relationship is over”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “I would like to love you as I did before, but the truth is that I cannot. I think we will do less harm to one another if we did not force things and put an end to this relationship”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “Honesty is something that I appreciate very much, and that is why I want you to know that I do not love you any more, I am sorry if you did not expect me to tell you this”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “I swore that I was always going to be by your side, but it is impossible to fulfill that oath if you doubt me. We have to say goodbye forever”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “We have lived many things together and I will always remember them. I am sad to put an end to our relationship, but I know that it is the best for us at this moment”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “Our relationship, far from making us happy, has been causing us trouble. Undoubtedly, love no longer exists between us, I just hope that one day we can be friends again”.
Category: Love deception messages
:: “If you did not know how to make the most out of every opportunity I gave you, I am sorry, but do not think that I will believe in your lies ever again. We are over, goodbye”.
Category: Love deception messages

When your partner receives any of these texts, he or she will understand that the love that existed between the two of you is now over.

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