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Are you searching for most romantic text messages ? The fact of receiving a pretty phrase at the most unexpected moment is something that motivates you, it fills you with good energy and makes you want to do things.

Words are very powerful, so much that they can change the mood of any person. If you want to send a phrase to that person you love and who you appreciate, then you can use some of the phrases that we offer you below.

Choose the phrase you like the most and the one that you feel identified with and send it by text message to anyone you want. You will see that you will cheer up the day of whoever you send it to.

Pure love messages & romantic quotes Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “In you I have found happiness and so I do not want to be ever away from you, I wish I could be with you always”.
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:: “Any place in which you and I can be together and quiet can become a paradise for the two of us”.
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:: “You are the joy of my heart and so I enjoy so much our love, I feel an immense joy at the thought of the beauty of our relationship”.
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:: “You know you can ask me for anything you want because I will do anything to make your wishes come true”.
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:: “You are a very special friend and I love sharing my time with you, so it is my hope that our friendship will last for all eternity”.
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:: “You have the power to take the pieces of my heart that were broken and reunite them”.
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Deep love quotes to express how you really feel

Best ‘I love you’ quotes about soulmates for Him & Her

:: “Every time I get a message, my heart beats with excitement at the thought that you are the sender”.
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:: “I do not really care what others think about our relationship, with you I have found true happiness”.
Category :Whatsapp romantic messages
:: “I love it every time you dedicate a song, a nice phrase or bring me a gift that has come out of your heart”.
Category :Whatsapp romantic messages
:: “There are no sweeter words that can come out of your mouth then a simple but heartfelt “I love you”.
Category :Whatsapp romantic messages
:: “Perhaps time will pass and the moments we spent together will be erased from my memory, but my heart will always remember you”.
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:: “Do not be afraid to say what you feel, dare to be different and be happier every day”.
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Romantic WhatsApp status that saying I love You Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

:: “With you by my side I can achieve any goal I set”.
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:: “I have never seen such beautiful eyes like yours, it must be that they reflect the purity and nobility of your heart”.
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:: “When the heart has been torn to pieces it is very difficult to believe in love again, but there is something that has developed between us and I want it to grow up to live again”.
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:: “Every time I make you smile and you stare at me, I understand all your feelings and I what you want to say”.
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:: “The secret of our love is that we only care about one thing, making each other happy”.
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:: “I think I have not been very clear on what I feel for you, so that is why I want to tell you that my heart goes crazy for you”.
Category :I love you messages for Messenger
:: “If I had a wish that could come true, that would be to never be separated from your side”.
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Share some of these love phrases with all the people who are special for you and make their day a bit more cheerful.

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