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Good Night
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Looking for good night messages for Boyfriend , good night cards for friends , Whatsapp good night phrases , Messenger good night cards ?.

When we return home, after having worked hard or having studied with all our energies we feel very tired, with desires to go to sleep and prepare for the next day, but we must not forget to say goodbye to those people important to us by sending good night texts.Best good night text messages to make her fall in love with you

Best Good Night messages
for lovers

:: “Being your girlfriend is an absolute privilege for me and something I really appreciate, because you are one of a kind. Sleep well, sweetheart, I adore you”.
Category : Goodnight messages for lovers

:: “I wish you a good night’s rest and may this night allow you to recharge all your energies. I already want it to be tomorrow so we can see each other. A thousand kisses!”.
Category : Goodnight messages for lovers

:: “Can you imagine how nice it would be to wake up together? I know that someday it will be like that, my love, for now I wish you a beautiful night of rest and relaxation”.
Category : Goodnight messages for lovers

:: “I will see you tomorrow so sleep well, my darling. I wanted you to know that I am about to go to sleep too, and I cannot stop thinking about you, I love you!”.
Category : Goodnight messages for loversRomantic good night love messages to make her fall in love

Best romantic
Good Night phrases

:: “Good night to the ideal boyfriend, the man of my dreams and my best friend. I love you and I could never ask for anything else from life as long as you are with me”.
Category : Romantic Goodnight phrases

:: “Your smile illuminates even the darkest night, dulls the stars and leaves the full moon in the background. Sweet Dreams Baby!”.
Category : Romantic Goodnight phrases

:: “Although on this day we have not been together, I have not stopped thinking about you for a single minute. My love, I wish you good night”.
Category : Romantic Goodnight phrases

:: “My world is only complete with you by my side, so in my heart there is a great emptiness that you can only fill with your presence. See you tomorrow, my dear”.
Category : Romantic Goodnight phrasesFree download good night love cards to share by Facebook

Sweet dreams messages
for Boyfriend

:: “Sweet dreams to the cutest boyfriend of all. I hope you can rest and recharge your energy, my darling. I love you so much”.
Category : Sweet dreams love messages

:: “Tonight I wanted to send you a message to let you know that all the happiness I feel, I owe to you. Dream with the little angels, love”.
Category : Sweet dreams love messages

:: “I wish that God blesses you always and that tonight is one of peaceful rest and beautiful dreams. I love you more than anything in this life”.
Category : Sweet dreams love messages

:: “Many kisses on this beautiful night where I do nothing but think of you, my love. I hope you get a good rest. I send you my heart and soul. Xoxo!”.
Category : Sweet dreams love messagesDownload cute good night Whatsapp love messages

Good Night messages
for friends

:: “I hope you had a nice day and if it was not like that, do not worry that tomorrow you have the opportunity to start over. See you!”.
Category : Goodnight messages for friends

:: “I cannot go to sleep without first wish good night to all of you, my dear friends, thank you for so much love”.
Category : Goodnight messages for friends

:: “Make yourself comfortable so that you rest well and do not fear anything that the angels of heaven will always be protecting you”.
Category : Goodnight messages for friends

:: “My dear friends, there is no better pillow than to have conscience in peace. I wish you can enjoy these hours of rest”.
Category : Goodnight messages for friendsLove pretty good night phrases to share by Messenger

Good Night phrases
for friends

:: “Friends, sleep now because it is important to rest to always enjoy excellent health”.
Category : Goodnight phrases for friends

:: “It’s amazing how fast the day goes, now it’s time to rest and with all my love I send you this good night greeting”.
Category : Goodnight phrases for friends

:: “Friends, I wish you a peaceful rest and May tomorrow be a splendid day, full of many opportunities”.
Category : Goodnight phrases for friends

:: “Happy dreams, my dear friends, May tomorrow be a fabulous day and that you wake up with the right foot”.
Category : Goodnight phrases for friendsLove pretty good night phrases to share by Messenger

Good Night quotes
for cards

:: “I hope that you are already getting ready to sleep and that you are disconnected from the virtual world because the mind and the body need rest. Goodnight!”.
Category : Goodnight quotes for cards

:: “Friends, have sweet dreams and, before sleeping, give thanks to God for all the blessings He pours out on your lives”.
Category : Goodnight quotes for cards

:: “This was a great day, let us feel very grateful for how well life is treating us and we hope that tomorrow would be even a better day. Sweet Dreams!”.
Category : Goodnight quotes for cards

We hope you like the following phrases very much and that you choose the ones that you think are the coolest so that you can dedicate them to all your friends and wish them good night. You can use as many cute good night words as you want!Romantic good night messages for the one you love

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