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The passage of time brings many changes to our lives, so when it’s our birthday we find many reasons to celebrate and receive beautiful congratulatory phrases.

Every year there are numerous opportunities that we will have to celebrate these special dates with our loved ones, so we need cute happy birthday phrases to send.

Put your worries aside, this time we bring you many original congratulation messages for birthdays for you to share through social networks.

Short and long best birthday wishes for friends

:: “You have earned a huge hug and thousands of good wishes from me because you are the best friend I have been able to find in this world. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

:: “My love : Today, more than ever, I miss you because I would love to give you a big hug to congratulate you, but my heart accompanies you. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

:: “Every year that passes makes you look better and also makes you a much wiser person, so smile at life, today is a very special day. Congratulations I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

:: “Countless as the grains of sand on the desert, so are all the moments that life has given us and are the most special that I have lived. Happy Birthday, darling! ”

:: “Smile, let happiness manifest from the depths of your heart because today is a holiday. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”Send best happy birthday greetings by whatsapp

Download sweet text messages for birthdays

:: “You are a very important person in my life and I have a lot to thank you for, so I will not miss this day and I will congratulate you on your birthday.”

:: “Each year is a collection of beautiful experiences, new friends and dreams to make come true. Celebrate a Happy Birthday with your loved ones! ”

:: “You are a very special person, you manage to transform the sadness of others into joy and you are also a great friend. With love, I wish you a Happy Birthday! ”

:: “I wish that this special day we celebrate together and remember the thousands of happy moments we have lived. My friend, have a very Happy Birthday! ”

:: “I hope you can find the greatest happiness in love, that you succeed in all your projects and that your dreams are closer every day. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

Cute birthday messages – what to write on a card?

:: “I want this birthday not to be common, I want it to be as special as our friendship is. Have a lot of congratulations! ”

:: “Surely this year of your life has left you with many beautiful memories, I hope that the year you are about to begin will bring you more beautiful moments. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

:: “You are a very brave person, you fight for your dreams regardless of the size of the obstacles that interpose and your heart is full of goodness. Have a Happy Birthday and thousands of successes! ”

:: “May all the joys that you have lived up to this moment in your life be an omen of all that are to come. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

:: “I would love to have your willpower and courage to move forward every day, always chasing your dreams. Have a wonderful birthday!”Get sweet cute happy birthday love text messages for him/her

Send best happy birthday greetings by Messenger

:: “Today is your day so I have asked God to drop many blessings on you and multiply all your joys. Congratulations on your birthday!”

:: “You make problems become opportunities to learn and make good times even better. Happy Birthday, my great friend! ”

:: “I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish that every joy that life brings you is multiplied by a thousand and that you never lack health or love. ”

:: “I wish that you never change, that you continue to be a cheerful person who with his light illuminates all those around him. I wish you a very Happy Birthday! ”

:: “Not only will your wishes come true when you blow out the candles on your cake, but all your dreams will begin to come true one by one because you really deserve it. Happy Birthday!”

Do not miss this great opportunity to share beautiful happy birthday words with that friend or relative who is partying. Find sweetest happy birthday wishes for facebook

Find best happy birthday
my love best wishes

You will frequently receive birthday notifications so visit us for more wonderful congratulatory texts to dedicate.

Every time we share beautiful happy birthday phrases we are demonstrating to our loved ones that they are important in our lives and that we esteem them very much.

That’s why after receiving a birthday notification from one of your contacts, you should take a moment to share wonderful congratulatory messages.

It will only take you a few minutes to choose one of the following original happy birthday phrases to send them on the social networks to that special person.

Happy birthday my love best greetings

:: “These words were dedicated to you, my good friend, to wish you many congratulations on your birthday, but also much health, prosperity and love.”

:: “I send you a warm hug full of love, thanks and good wishes for you to enjoy a Happy Birthday.”

:: “This day is not over yet, so I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your birthday. A great person like you deserves thousands of blessings! ”

:: “You are starting a new year in your life, it will be 12 great months that will give you the opportunity to try and achieve what you want so much. Enjoy a Happy Birthday! ”

:: “There are times when I think that the clock runs upside down for you and every time you get younger. Smile and enjoy a Happy Birthday! ”Cute birthday letters for your friends

Best birthday love messages for Messenger

:: “I am very happy to be with you to celebrate your birthday and make you feel great, I love you very much. I wish you thousands of congratulations! ”

:: “This day marks a new beginning in your life, you have the opportunity to realize many of your dreams and live incredible moments. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

:: “We have celebrated so many birthdays, since we were children, but each one has a great meaning and fills us with a lot of emotion. Congratulations!”

:: “Within your heart you continue to grow, you are a greater and even kinder than ever. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

:: “Each of the greetings you are receiving on your wall has a very special meaning, it is a gift from the heart. Have a wonderful birthday! ”

Birthday love messages for your beloved friends

:: “I want happy moments to be more abundant in your life, that overcome your sorrows quickly and that your dreams come true one by one. Happy Birthday!”

:: “For nothing in this world I could forget your birthday, you are part of my life and I feel a huge gratitude towards you. Have a thousand congratulations! ”

:: “So many beautiful moments lived with your loved ones are thus a wonderful gift. Have a very Happy Birthday!”

:: “The true gift is your existence that brings joy to our lives. I wish you a birthday full of congratulations and great blessings in your life. ”

:: “You are so important in my life that I find it impossible to think what it would be like if you weren’t in this world. Happy Birthday my friend!”Download super sweet happy birthday my friend greetings

Unique cute birthday wishes for my friends

:: “Surely you remember many of our anecdotes, well, I hope that today we can add many more to those pleasant memories. Happy Birthday!”

:: “Have a very Happy Birthday! I wish you could fill your heart with the simplest and funniest things that life gives you. ”

:: “You are starting a new year and I know it’s going to be great, so let’s celebrate. Congratulations on your birthday! ”

:: “The present is to live it fully and to enjoy all the beautiful things that life has so don’t worry anymore. Celebrate a Happy Birthday! ”

:: “The years go by, but you’re still the same as always, you even look younger with that huge smile. Congratulations on your birthday! ”

Download the best happy birthday quotes for friends

:: “Sometimes the simplest things become the greatest; What once made us friends now makes us soul brothers. Happy Birthday!”

:: “May the company of your loved ones become a very special gift for you. Receive a big hug and congratulations on your birthday! ”

:: “Today is a holiday, today there is no place for sadness but for happy moments. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”

If you have many contacts you will have many opportunities to dedicate beautiful happy birthday words and thus strengthen the bonds that unite you with others. Visit us every time you want to dedicate beautiful congratulatory texts.Find sweetest happy birthday my love images

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