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Download sweet
happy birthday wishes
Best cute birthday greetings for Whatsapp friends.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

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Every time a friend or family member is celebrating another year of life, we want to surprise him with some nice Happy Birthday dedications.

However, when we have many contacts in the social networks it can be very difficult to be original when sharing beautiful Happy Birthday greetings.

Do not worry about this anymore because we bring you some beautiful and original birthday messages that you can use every time you need it.Download beautiful birthday love messages and romantic cards.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

Romantic Happy birthday
my love wishes

:: “Today we celebrate another year of your life, and I celebrate the gift of having you by my side! Happy birthday my love, I adore you”.

:: “On this unique day, I want you to know that you are the light that always illuminates my path. Happy birthday my life. You are my everything!”.

:: “Every day with you is an exciting adventure. Happy birthday, my love, may this new return to the sun be full of wonderful surprises”.

:: “Happy birthday to the owner of my heart! I hope this day is the beginning of a year filled with love and happiness”.

:: “On your birthday, I want to take a minute to remind you how much you represent in my life. You are my inspiration and my reason for being. Happy birthday, love of my life!”.

Happy birthday wishes
for Ex Boyfriend

:: “Although our paths parted, I always wish you the best in life. Have a very happy birthday!”.

:: “I hope this day makes you feel special and loved by everyone around you. Congratulations on your birthday”.

:: “On your birthday, I want you to know that I value the moments shared together and that I wish you all the best that life has to offer”.

:: “May this day be the beginning of a year full of new opportunities and growth. I send you a big hug”.

:: “I wish you a birthday full of laughter and unforgettable moments. I hope you are well, and that life always smiles at you.

Download birthday love picture & messages to send by Whatsapp.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

How do I wish my grandparents
happy birthday?

:: “Two words, two hearts, two souls: Happy birthday, beloved grandparents! I love you so much!”.

:: “I love you, grandparents, and I want you to know that I consider having you in my life a true treasure. Happy birthday to the cutest!”.

:: “There are already years of unconditional love and of being our pillars and examples in our lives. Happy birthday, grandparents!”.

:: “Happy birthday, wonderful grandparents! May this day be filled with laughter, joy and special moments that we will remember forever”.

:: “I want to give you tight hugs and kisses full of tenderness to celebrate your day. Happy birthday, adored grandparents!”.Birthday love cards with romantic quotes for Whatsapp.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

Cute birthday wishes for aunt

:: “Aunt of my heart, with each passing year you become wiser and more beautiful. May this birthday be the beginning of a year full of success and happiness. Happy birthday!”.

:: “Today is your day, dear aunt. I wish you a magical birthday, surrounded by love, family and friends. May all your dreams come true, because you deserve the best!”.

:: “Happy birthday, aunt! May you receive the love and gratitude you deserve today. You are a pillar in our lives and we appreciate you infinitely, do not forget it”.

:: “Dear aunt, on your birthday I want to remind you how special you are to me. Your presence illuminates my life, and I will always carry you in my heart. Congratulations!”.

:: “Today we celebrate the day the world was enriched by your presence, dear aunt. May this birthday be a new beginning full of love and happiness. Happy birthday!”.Download best birthday love messages from the heart.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

How do you say happy birthday
to my cousin?

:: “As you add years, you also add experience and wisdom. May this New Year of life bring you growth and happiness. Happy birthday, cousin!”.

:: “Today is a magical day in which the sky dresses up as a party and the stars sing in your honor. Happy birthday cousin!”.

:: “That on your birthday you find happiness in every little detail and smile with your heart. Happy birthday!”.

:: “Dear cousin, with each passing year you are more special and loved. Today I celebrate your life with love and gratitude. Happy birthday to you!”.

:: “I wish that happiness accompanies you in every step you take and that all your dreams come true. Happy birthday, baby cousin!”.

How to write birthday wishes
for my kid?

:: “Happy birthday, little climber! May you conquer mountains of joy on your special day and reach the highest peaks of happiness. Keep going up!”.

:: “Hey little sailor! On your birthday, I wish you sail on a sea of laughter, waves of fun, and boats full of sweets. May your journeys always be wonderful!”.

:: “Happy birthday, little weather adventurer! I hope that on your special day you travel through unforgettable moments and create memories that will last forever”.

:: “Hello, little jungle dancer/dancer! On your birthday, may the music of nature inspire you to dance with joy and freedom. May your steps be as wild as they are beautiful!”.

:: “Happy birthday, future sports star! May each goal, each basket or each touchdown be one step closer to your dreams. Never stop playing and shining!”.

Short best birthday wishes
for friends

:: “You know that I consider you to be part of my family, that’s why I send you this special greeting, with a big hug and my congratulations on your birthday”.

:: “I played it all for friendship, for that incredible friendship that I could find inside your heart and then I won the jackpot: your company in my life. Happy Birthday!”.

:: “The sun shines with all its splendor announcing that today is not a common day, moreover it is a very special one because it’s your birthday. Congratulations!”.

:: “I wish you all the luck in the world and as many blessings as there are grains of sand on all beaches. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.

:: “The years not only make you look much better, they have also made you wiser and more capable of making your dreams come true. Enjoy a very Happy Birthday!”.Find sweetest happy birthday my love images.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

Cute birthday messages
What to write on a card?

:: “May this day be all happiness for you , your wishes come true and may you have more years full of blessings”.

:: “I would like to give you a big hug, and congratulate you personally, but until that day comes I send you this message with my best wishes”.

:: “Live your present with intensity and look forward to tomorrow with great enthusiasm. I wish you much success and a very Happy Birthday”.

:: “Something tells me that this year that begins for you will be one of the best you have ever lived, so celebrate it. Happy Birthday!”.

:: “Fill your life with simple joys, enjoy more hugs and deliver the best of you so that you receive the best from others. Happy Birthday!”.Download super sweet happy birthday my love greetings.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

How do I wish someone
a happy birthday
on WhatsApp?

:: “It’s a beautiful time to remember wonderful moments and thank you for being such a good friend. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.

:: “Sometimes I wonder what would happen to all of us if you had not reached this world, but the good thing is that you are here and that you make our lives more enjoyable. Congratulations!”.

:: “Your only presence in this world is a great gift for all of us. With all my heart I wish you an excellent birthday”.

:: “I want that on this day the love and attention of all your friends and family would be the best of all the gifts you receive. Happy Birthday!”.

:: “I wish you a very Happy Birthday and that you may enjoy your day to the fullest in the company of those you love most”.

Cute birthday letters for your friends.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

Happy birthday wishes
for Facebook

:: “Today you will receive many gifts, some will come in a beautiful package and others will be wrapped in kisses and hugs. Congratulations!”.

:: “I treasure all our moments together because they have been a gift of life. May God fill you with blessings and have a Happy Birthday”.

:: “Happy Birthday to you! I thank God for the miracle of your existence and I ask Him for many more blessings for you”.

:: “On this special day it is a pleasure to greet you and express my best wishes; have a successful year. Happy Birthday!”.

:: “Happy Birthday! I am pleased to be part of this beautiful celebration, which will remain imprinted on your soul”.

:: “Today, life gives you another year and I wish you enjoy it in the best way. Receive a big hug and best wishes for your birthday”.

How do you say happy birthday
to my parent in heaven?

:: “Happy birthday, [name]. May your soul shine even brighter on this day filled with love and gratitude”.

:: “Today the sun shines brighter, because it is the day you came into the world. Happy birthday in heaven!”.

:: “Even though we do not see you, we feel your love in every ray of sun and in every star that shines at night. Happy birthday!”.

:: “On your birthday, let us celebrate the gift of a lifetime and the eternal legacy you left in our hearts”.

:: “Dear [name], your smile lights up the sky and your spirit lives on in our memories. Happy birthday to you!”.

How do you wish a Doctor
happy birthday?

:: “Happy birthday to the most amazing Doctor ever! May this New Year of life be full of successes and professional achievements”.

:: “A toast to the best Doctor in the world. Happy birthday and may you continue saving lives for many more years to come!”.

:: “Today we celebrate not only your birthday, but also the fortune of having such a dedicated and passionate Doctor. Congratulations, Doctor!”.

:: “On your special day, I want to thank you for your tireless commitment to the health and well-being of your patients. Happy birthday!”.

:: “Congratulations, visionary Doctor. Your work inspires everyone to believe in a healthier world. Have a wonderful birthday!”.
Download super sweet birthday love wishes for friends.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

How do I say happy birthday
to my coworker?

:: “Happy birthday, fellow great! I hope this day is filled with joy, laughter and great moments. May all your wishes come true!”.

:: “On this day, dear colleague, I wish you a happy birthday full of success and achievements. You are an inspiration to all of us. Celebrate your day to the fullest!”.

:: “Today is the perfect day to remind yourself how valuable you are as a colleague and friend. Happy birthday, and may this year bring you new opportunities and blessings in your life”.

:: “Today we celebrate the birthday of someone who is always willing to listen, understand and collaborate. You are an exceptional colleague and I wish you a year full of success and personal satisfaction”.

:: “On your birthday, mate, I want to wish you a day filled with love, happiness, and gratitude. You are a unique and valuable person on our team. Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true!”.Best birthday love messages for Messenger.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

How can I wish my boss
happy birthday?

:: “Happy birthday, dear boss! May this day be the beginning of a year full of success, joy and satisfaction. Make the most of your special day”.

:: “On this day I want to wish you a birthday full of surprises and unforgettable moments. May it be a wonderful year for you!”.

:: “Dear boss, on his birthday I wish him a day full of laughter, hugs and unforgettable moments. May this New Year of life be full of blessings and achievements!”.
:: “Happy birthday to a boss who not only leads with wisdom, but also inspires with his kindness and generosity. May this day be the start of a wonderful year”.

:: “I want to express my gratitude for his guidance and mentoring. Happy birthday, dear boss! May this year be filled with exciting opportunities and professional successes”.

These beautiful texts to wish Happy Birthday have no cost, but they will be of great value to both you and the person who receives them. Do not miss any special occasion and continue to share original and beautiful birthday phrases.Get sweet cute happy birthday love text messages for him/her.#BirthdayGreetings,#BirthdayWishes,#BirthdayQuotes

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