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We all have pleasant memories of the moments we shared with our family and friends, especially if those moments were extremely special as in the case of birthdays.

Who among us does not like to receive the congratulations of all the people we know when we are at birthdays? Because of that, in the same way we should also congratulate them , so we will show our love.

If at this point you need a phrase to congratulate a person who is his birthday, then you can choose any of the phrases that you will find right away, the important thing is that you can send your best wishes and express your deepest feelings.

Share cute Birthday words:

:: “May the Lord bless you on your birthday, my beautiful grandmother, and that He give you health, and take care of you , so you would be by our side for a long time”.
Category: Birthday messages
:: “You are a simply great person, as very few remain in this world. Please, never change and have a very Happy Birthday”.
Category: Birthday messages
:: “I want the Lord to fill you with blessings because you are one of the best friends I have ever had. Thousands of congratulations on your birthday! ”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Happy Birthday! I would love to be by your side to give you a big hug and congratulate you in person, but I will do it through this message. I miss you so much!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Do not think that distance or time have made me forget you, I remember perfectly that today is your birthday, so I wish you many happiness”.
Category: Birthday messages
:: “You are one of those people that I will never forget, even if I stopped seeing you for many years. I want you to enjoy a birthday full of joy and happiness! ”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “I want you to enjoy the company of all your friends and family so that today you celebrate one of your happiest birthdays”.
Category: Birthday messages
:: “May God protect you from all evil and grant you everything you ask because I want all your dreams come true. Congratulations on your birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “I hope you like the nice gift I bought for you, but I also want you to know that I want to give you my best wishes and my good vibes. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Mom, like you there is nobody in this world, that’s why today that is your birthday; I want to give you a big hug to congratulate you and show you that I love you very much”.
Category: Birthday messages
:: “That your heart overflows with joy and not only today, that you are celebrating your birthday, but every day of your life, that is my greatest desire for you. Congratulations!”
Category: Birthday messages

We hope that these phrases have been to your liking and that when you share them with that person who is celebrating his birthday, they would awake a great joy in his heart. We invite you to visit us again, for many more phrases.

The best free Birthday phrases

It’s great to be the birthday boy because for one day a year we become the center of attention of all our friends and family, we receive hundreds of congratulations and also some nice gifts.

Just as we would like to celebrate our birthday, surrounded by the people we love the most, we must also have help celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones, but these dates usually occur so often that sometimes it is a little difficult to attend to them all.

Do not worry because we bring you the solution with the phrases that you will find below, so take a look and choose the ones you like to share with those people who are celebrating their birthday.

Download free beautiful Birthday messages:

:: “I hope that little by little the surprises are arriving you because today is an extremely special day, perfect to celebrate that you are here in this world. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Today is starting a New Year in your life, so I want each of the next 365 days to be full of joy, always in the company of the people you love most. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Congratulations! Today it’s your birthday, so let’s celebrate with the people who love you the most. Get ready for a great party”.
Category: Birthday messages
:: “You have fought very hard to be where you are and I am witness of all your efforts and sacrifices, that is why I know that you will go very far. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Happy Birthday! May God bless you with great health, make all your days full of happiness and that love comes to your life”.
Category: Birthday messages
:: “May your birthday serve as a reminder of how far you have come and that all your efforts have given fruits. Thousands of congratulations! ”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “This is your special day and you will be the center of attention of those who know you, so enjoy it very much. Congratulations!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Now you are an angel that from the sky takes care of us all and we remember you with much affection especially, on this day that is your birthday. Congratulations!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “In addition to a beautiful gift I want to make a very special prayer for you so that God will pour out many blessings in your life. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “All your dreams are coming true, I know because you are a person who strives to achieve his goals and who never surrenders. Happy Birthday, my dear friend! ”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Dad, in my heart there is always a place for you, so as busy as I am I would never forget that today is a very special day. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Happy Birthday, my cute boyfriend! If I could I would put myself in a huge box and it would be your birthday present. My love will be yours for all eternity”.
Category: Birthday messages

Now none of your loved ones will be left without receiving your birthday congratulations. Remember to visit our website frequently because we will have many news in all our sections. See you soon!

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