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Friendship is a precious treasure of we are not aware of at many times, so it is very important and we should be always there for our friends.

It is true that you do not know what you have until you no longer have it, as when friends have to go away we feel as if we are being separated from a very valuable piece in our lives.

If you have a friend who is far away and it is his birthday, then this is your chance to show him that your friendship is solid by sending him one of the following texts to show how much you appreciate him.

Download beautiful birthday texts for friends:

– “Dear friend, it is amazing how the years go by and you are still far away from here; you probably do not want to come back, but I want you to always remember the unforgettable moments we have had with everyone here. Your physical absence will always be felt in our meetings, but we know that your happiness accompanies us from afar. Today we celebrate your birthday and hope you feel our good vibes. Happy Birthday. “
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– “Although life must be very hard over there, I send you a big hug and my best wishes from here so you can spend the day just as you like it, with many women and alcohol. I will be with you in the best of times, as it has always been. I wish you a happy birthday, dear friend. “
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– “It is amazing that despite being so far, you still manage to transmit incomparable joy when it is your birthday. Even if you are not physically here, we will celebrate it in style because you are a great person and unique person. I wish you the best until your next birthday, and hope to be able to celebrate it with you here. Always remember your good friends, a big hug. “
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– “Dear friend, I have to tell you that the people that accompany you over there are very lucky as they will enjoy your great company. You have always been a great guy, open to help everyone and give your best. Remember that our friendship is strong and that nothing will make us forget the many life experiences with which we have grown. I send you a big birthday hug. “
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– “Brother, we grew up together and we have been through the funniest and most difficult stages of life together; now that you are far away, It is little hard for me. However, I want you to always remember that I wish you the best on this path you have chosen for your life. Your friends are all here to support you and that is precisely what I offer you, my full support. I hope you have an unforgettable birthday, as always. “
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Remember that friendship is one of the most important parts in the great puzzle of life; always cultivate a good friendship and you will have a future filled with good memories. These nice birthday texts will reinforce the unbreakable bond you have with your friend who is far away.

Nice birthday thoughts for my teacher

Many people enjoy their birthday, as it is a special occasion in which we can express our best wishes for welfare, health and happiness to that person we value so much. However, there many people who pass through our lives and with whom we build our life stories, among them are our teachers who have contributed much to what we are today. Dedicate one of these birthday texts to them, they will be well appreciated.

New free birthday sms for your teacher:

– “The weather could not be nicer today to commemorate the birthday of such a great woman, a key piece in the developing my knowledge and skills that now make me who I am. I hope you can enjoy this great day for you and for all of us who are very fond of you. Happy Birthday! “
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– “Every year that goes by is a year filled with experience and wisdom, which you have has always known how to transmit to us in order to make us better men and women. Today, on such a special day for you, I can only wish you an unforgettable birthday by the side of those who you appreciate most in life. You will always be in our hearts, just like the fond memories we have of school. “
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– “You have always known how to play your role as a teacher very efficiently and have managed to reach out to your students in a unique way. I wish you the best for your birthday and hope you have an unforgettable time. Happy birthday, dear teacher. “
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– “The memories you have left in our minds and in our hearts are priceless. The education we were lucky to receive from you was a key in the development of the many skills we now use the most to make a living. You are a wonderful person and in such an important day like today I want to express my best wishes for you and hope you have an incredible and happy birthday. “
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– “Many things happen in everyone’s life, but there is no doubt that school is one of the most enriching experiences of all. Besides the friends you make, teachers who love their profession will always know how to do their job in the best way. Because of this, until today I remember with gratitude the day of your birthday and express my sincere wishes of good health and happiness to you. I hope you enjoy your special day along with the people you appreciate most in this world. “
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– “Without a doubt you are an exemplary teacher, the world needs more teachers like you to move forward. For that and a long list of good reasons, I wish you a happy birthday. “
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We are sure that you will get a good result by dedicating these nice birthday texts to your teacher for her birthday. Remind her how important she is or has been to your preparation and how grateful you are to her for that reason. A nice detail like this will always bring up a smile on any face.

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