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Best birthday messages
for MessengerHappy birthday my love best greetings

Looking for cute birthday wishes for your friends ?, Sweet happy birthday greetings to my love ? .If the birthday reminders we receive on the networks are very frequent, it is very easy to fall into the routine when sharing beautiful congratulatory messages.

But all those friends and family, who are celebrating another year of their lives, deserve a lot from us so we must surprise them with original happy birthday best greetings.

Express all your love, gratitude and best wishes to the people who are celebrating that important day through cute happy birthday phrases.

Short and long best birthday wishes for friends

:: “A gift is much more valuable when we deliver it with all the love in our hearts. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.
:: “You are one of those few people who manages to paint my days of beautiful colors, that’s why I want to say thank you and also wish you a Happy Birthday”.
:: “I want many blessings to come into your life, May your heart overflows with love and May you have so much health. I wish you many congratulations on your birthday!”.
:: “It starts another year in your life and I have no doubt that it will come full of beautiful surprises that I wish you enjoy. Happy Birthday!”.
:: “I love to celebrate and much more when the reason for it is the birthday of one of the people I love most. I wish you a lot of happiness!”.Get sweet cute happy birthday love text messages for him/her

Cute birthday messages – what to write on a card?

:: “May you never need reasons to draw a huge smile on your face, may each day of your life bring you prosperity, love and happiness. Happy Birthday to you!”.
:: “I wish that in the company of your beautiful family, you enjoy a wonderful birthday. Congratulations from the heart!”.
:: “From now on enjoy much more everything you do and get ready for the beautiful things that life will bring you. Happy Birthday!”.
:: “I know what your dreams are and I know that you have everything you need to make them come true, and you will always have the support of those who love you. Smile and have a Happy Birthday!”.
:: “Little by little the difficulties are leaving and the happy days are becoming more abundant, so celebrate this special day with all of us. Happy Birthday!”.Find sweetest happy birthday wishes for Facebook

Send best happy birthday greetings by Messenger

:: “Accompanying you to celebrate this day reminds me of many beautiful moments by your side, so I want to take every opportunity that life gives me to express my gratitude. Congratulations!”.
:: “God will reward you for your kindness and I will forever thank you for all the beautiful things you have done for me. Thousands of congratulations on your birthday!”.
:: “All the joy that you carry in your heart is reflected through your smile that is spread to all who are at your side. Celebrate a Happy Birthday!”.
:: “We will toast for your health, wish you the best and by your side celebrate this special day. Happy Birthday my great friend!”.
:: “Even this distance between the two of us, is not going to stop me from expressing my love on this day and wishing you a Happy Birthday. I love you very much!”.Cute birthday letters for your friends

Unique cute birthday wishes for my friends

:: “Sorry for taking me so long, but here is my greeting on your birthday to wish you congratulations and thank you for your friendship”.
:: “I always strive to follow in your footsteps and I admire you not only for your successes but for the good person you are. Happy Birthday!”.
:: “You are one of the people to whom I owe much of my happiness and much of what I am now. I send you many hugs and wish you a Happy Birthday!”.
:: “This day is one of the happiest of the year, so let’s receive it with joy and celebrate for you to have an unforgettable birthday. Thousands of congratulations!”.
:: “Thank you God for sending such an amazing person to this world and also for putting him in my way. With a big hug I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.

Download the best happy birthday quotes for friends

:: “I love celebrating your birthdays and especially when the time comes for you to blow out the candles because I want your wishes to come true. Thousands of congratulations to you!”.
:: “In this world there is no gift big enough to show you my gratitude and affection for you. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.
:: “You have won a place in my heart, a space in my life that will always have your name, I love you very much, my friend. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.

No matter the extension of your beautiful happy birthday messages, the important thing is that they contain your feelings.

Continue sharing the best congratulatory phrases on social networks with all your contacts, here we wait for you with many original words.Download super sweet happy birthday my friend greetings

Sweet birthday messages
to wish that special someone

If the birthday of a person to whom you have a great affection is coming soon and you wish to send a very original birthday message, you are in the right place because here we have the best examples for this special occasion.

We know that you are not satisfied with a gift or the traditional greeting and you are looking for something that reflects the feeling of friendship to that person, so a cute birthday message could be an excellent option.

So, as you wish that this important day to be unforgettable with a nice birthday wishes, read and download for free the greeting that you like most from this article.

Download best birthday text messages & images

:: “Dear friend, I hope that your dreams do not remain in simple ideas and thoughts, this year I wish you accomplish those goals that you have proposed to yourself. Happy Birthday”.
:: “Destiny was very generous to make us such good friends I know that you will have a nice Happy Birthday full of joy not only today but also for the next 365 days”.
:: “Happy Birthday for the most supportive friend, the most affectionate daughter, the most protective sister. I wish you all the good you deserve”.

::”.Happy Birthday. I wish that your ideas are not just words and that you can turn them into actions to achieve what you want”.

:: “I wish you a beautiful birthday and that the next 365 become the best days for share with a great friend like you”.Find sweetest happy birthday my love images

Download sweet text messages for birthdays

:: “The obstacles are not destroying your dreams, but your negative thoughts are making you desist from them. I wish you a Happy Birthday”.
:: “I wish you a Happy Birthday and that your dreams never become frustrated desires”.
:: “Many congratulations for your day, today you must feel very lucky because you have good health, the affection of your family and the blessing of God”.
:: “Happy Birthday dear friend, thank you for being a very special person in my life, I am very lucky to have a good friend like you”.
:: “May all the good things be present now and in your future. Happy Birthday, I wish your dreams come true”.

Find cute birthday wishes for friends

:: “I wish that the fact of celebrating your birthday with your friends and family makes you feel special and unforgettable, Happy Birthday”.
:: “Have a Happy Birthday and start today a period with new goals to fulfill”.
:: “Remember that if you are a confident person, hard-working and courageous, no dream will be difficult to fulfill. Happy Birthday”.
:: “I wish this year to be excellent for you, also I wish that you achieve your goals but most important that you have fun today at your party, Happy Birthday”.
:: “Count on my love and friendship, I wish you an excellent birthday and that you get a lot of new energy to achieve your goals. Happy Birthday”.

Send best happy birthday wishes by text message

:: “Do not think about the years you have lived, it is more important to think about the years that will come
in your life. Happy Birthday”.
:: “Happy Birthday, I wish that harmony and joys would be present in your entire life. Have a nice day”.
:: “I wish this New Year of life would allow you to continue achieving success, you really deserve it because I know about all your efforts you put in life. Happy Birthday”.
:: “Have a Happy Birthday and when this day is over I wish the next ones to be even more special for you”.
:: “In order to be a successful person and make your goals come true, eliminate the phrase”.I cannot do it”. I wish you many achievements in this New Year of life”.

Find best happy birthday my love best wishes

:: “I wish that God bless your life today, tomorrow and always. Happy Birthday”.
:: “I send you my wishes of Happy Birthday, and I hope that the kindness of your heart allows you to achieve all the good that you deserve”.
:: “From where I am, I wish you with all my heart that you have a really nice Happy Birthday”.
:: “I am here together with you and having the sincere desire to see your dreams come true. Happy Birthday”.
:: “Happy Birthday, I wish this may be a good year for you to have new achievements and that you may enjoy the love of your family and friends. We really want that you have the best day of your life”.
:: “We wish that in your life you would always have the blessing of your parents and that you may achieve all your goals in every aspect of your life. Happy Birthday”.
:: “I wish that you have a nice New Year of life, full of opportunities and hope, all these will give you a great sense in your life. Happy Birthday”.

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