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If we had to make a summary of our life, and highlight the happiest moments we have spent, we would find many in which our friends have been protagonists, so you should take advantage of each of their birthdays to send them nice birthday messages for friends.

Your friends deserve at least once a year to feel very special and receive all your attention, so attend all the birthday notifications you receive. Start right now to dedicate original happy birthday words to your friends.

Do not let time pass and share nice happy birthday phrases with your friends. Use the new messages we have prepared for you in this section.

Download free birthday phrases:

:: “I’m so sorry, my friend. Because I have not been able to get any girl who wants to go inside a huge cake for your birthday, I still wish you a lot of happiness”.
Category: Birthday texts messages
:: “Friends like you well at once every thousand years, so let’s celebrate as if the world will end tomorrow. Congratulations!”
Category: Birthday texts messages
:: “Dear friend, it’s a pity you’re so far away, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I send you my congratulations and a huge hug”.
Category: Birthday texts messages
:: “True friendships are forever, so even if we get old we will continue to be good friends all our lives. I wish you have a happy birthday!”
Category: Birthday texts messages
:: “Happy Birthday! Hopefully this message will not get lost in the avalanche of congratulations you are receiving. Always remember that you are one of my best friends”.
Category: Birthday texts messages
:: “Maybe the celebration is for the weekend, but you will not save us from going to congratulate you for your birthday. We want you to have a great time! ”
Category: Birthday texts messages

Send cute birthday messages:

:: “For the best friend, you may have found in this world, this message goes, thousands of hugs and my best wishes. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “What a beautiful day we have, it seems that nature itself is celebrating a very special day, the day of your birthday. Thousands of congratulations! ”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “No matter how many candles your cake has, what matters is to be surrounded by the people you love the most around the world. Congratulations!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Better to open gifts is to open the hearts of others and find the best feelings. Have a nice birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages
:: “Congratulations! My friend, you are a good example to follow, so I want you to have many more successes in your life”.
Category: Birthday messages
:: “In you I can find a very good counselor, as well as a great confidant, and as if that were not enough, you are the best friend I have in the whole world. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday messages

None of your friends will be able to avoid smiling and being very happy to receive your birthday wishes for friends. Continue visiting our page, here we will always be waiting for you with innovative greeting phrases for all occasions.

The best free birthday quotes

True friendship knows no limits or barriers, nor interests and conveniences, it is a totally sincere feeling that encourages us to share the best we have. To show your friends that you love them very much, you should dedicate beautiful happy birthday words to them.

Those special moments, which along with our friends we have lived, will forever be recorded in our memory, so if you surprise him with original happy birthday greetings to friends, he will remember you forever.

Do not worry about finding some words to share your congratulations with your friends; we have taken the liberty of preparing this section including many beautiful happy birthday phrases for friends.

Share cute birthday sms:

:: “Forgive me if I have not written to you lately, but I could not miss this opportunity without sending you this greeting to wish you a happy birthday”.
Category: Birthday phrases
:: “Although I have not sent you many messages, I have always been aware of your publications, so on this day I wish you all the happiness of the world. Have a nice birthday!”
Category: Birthday phrases
:: “Forgive me if I write this message to you so late. Today was a very busy day, but for nothing in this world would stop you from wishing a very happy birthday”.
Category: Birthday phrases
:: “How many celebrated birthdays, how many jokes shared, how many adventures lived. What I know is that we will be friends forever. Thousands of congratulations! ”
Category: Birthday phrases
:: “Receive a huge virtual hug and my congratulations on your birthday. Dear friend, there is no one like you in this world! ”
Category: Birthday phrases

Very beatiful Birthday messages:

:: “Happy birthday, my friend! Spend a great day in the company of your family and your good friends, I wish you congratulations”.
Category: Birthday sms
:: “I think the last time we talked we did not finish well, but you’re a great friend and today is your birthday, so I congratulate you from my heart”.
Category: Birthday sms
:: “Friend, you look better than ever, so stop worrying about the passage of time. Better celebrate with all of us so you have a happy birthday”.
Category: Birthday sms
:: “I am happy to see so many congratulatory messages on your wall because I realize that we are many people who love you. Enjoy a happy birthday! ”
Category: Birthday sms
:: “Fate has wanted us to be in separate places, but the good thing is that we have a great friendship that unites us. Dear friend, I wish you a happy birthday”.
Category: Birthday sms
:: “Thanks to the life that has given me a great friend who is now celebrating one more year of life. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday sms
:: “One more candle and I will have to help you extinguish them all to avoid a fire, hahaha. Dear friend. I wish a lot of happiness!”
Category: Birthday sms

By sharing these beautiful greeting phrases for friends you will stand out for your originality among all the people who congratulate them. You already know, you must take advantage of all the special occasions that the year brings you to share, with your family and friends, cute and original messages of congratulations.

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