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Romantic good night phrases
to my boyfriend

Sweet & romantic good night phrases for girlfriend for Whatsapp.#GoodNightPhrases
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. It’s always nice to receive a note from the person you love, and of who you are in love at every moment of life.

Your loved one will be very happy and pleased if every night before bed he is surprised with a cute phrase or message of love so he can have sweet dreams.
And you will see that you would also be surprised with beautiful love messages. Here is a list of love posts that we have written for your loved one. Choose the one you like without fear, because all are free. Browse the list below:Sweet & romantic good night messages for girlfriend for Whatsapp.#GoodNightPhrases

Inspirational sweet dreams texts

:: “You know I am dying to go out with you and I know we will be able to do it very soon. For now, try to close your eyes and rest, see you tomorrow, my love”.
Category :Sweet dreams texts

:: “Thinking of you cheers me up instantly, because I did not know the meaning of true happiness until you came along. Good night, my life!”.
Category :Sweet dreams texts

:: “Sweet dreams, sweetheart. Tomorrow I will be waiting for you with your usual energy to have a good time. I love you with all my heart”.
Category :Sweet dreams texts

:: “Good night to the person I love the most in this life. May you dream with the angels, my Princess. I send you a big kiss and all my love”.
Category :Sweet dreams texts

:: “To love you is easy, because smiling with you is automatic. I hope you have a good rest tonight, my darling”.
Category :Sweet dreams textsLove pretty good night phrases to share by Messenger.#GoodNightPhrases

Short Good Night love phrases

:: “Nothing would make me happier than to be able to say goodnight to you in person, but while we wait for that to happen, I am sending you a big kiss from here”.
Category :Good night love phrases

:: “Rest and try to gather your energy to feel wonderful tomorrow, my love. I send you lots of kisses and love”.
Category :Good night love phrases

:: “I wish you a night full of rest and tranquility, where the stars illuminate your way to a better day. I adore you”.
Category :Good night love phrases

:: “I want it to be tomorrow to give you all my love once again. Have a good rest, sweetheart, good night”.
Category :Good night love phrases

:: “I long to be on vacation with you, enjoying your company and the beautiful energy you have. Rest my love, I will call you tomorrow”.
Category :Good night love phrasesLove pretty good night phrases to share by Messenger.#GoodNightPhrases

Good Night quotes
for lovers

:: “I feel that because of you I am able to do incredible things, because you inspire me to be better every day. I love you, my life, have a good night’s rest”.
Category :Good night quotes for lovers

:: “The days by your side are wonderful and I know that someday we won’t have to say goodbye, because we will go home together. Good night, love”.
Category :Good night quotes for lovers

:: “ Tonight is special as the stars light up more than any other day. Darling, I love you in an inexplicable way to rest and enjoy pleasant dreams. Good night my love.
Category :Good night quotes for lovers

:: “My love, just close your eyes and an angel will watch over you and your dreams. I love you my Prince.
Category :Good night quotes for lovers

:: “Because you transform my life every day I want you to know I really love you, relax and have a nice sunrise.
Category :Good night quotes for loversRomantic good night messages for the one you love.#GoodNightPhrases

Good Night romantic phrases

:: “I check my phone constantly, longing to receive a message from you that will bring a big smile to my face. I will call you tomorrow, baby, a thousand kisses”.
Category :Good night romantic phrases

:: “I hope the night passes quickly so that it will be day again and I can see you. I love you very much, my dear, always keep that in mind”.
Category :Good night romantic phrases

:: “Your love is beautiful and I will always be indebted to you for that. I love you, have some rest. Xoxo!”.
Category :Good night romantic phrases

:: “Good night my love, I want you to know that you are the most wonderful man I have ever known and my love for you is eternal, Sweet dreams.
Category :Good night romantic phrases
Free download good night love cards with romantic quotes for Whatsapp.#GoodNightPhrases

Sweet Dreams darling
love messages

:: “Today while sleeping we will find us again in our dreams because I want to take you to a new destination. Think and dream of me. See you in a few moments”.
Category :Sweet dreams love messages

:: “I love you indescribably. Have a good night in our dreams we can build the most beautiful love story”.
Category :Sweet dreams love messages

:: “You make me very happy my love, have a good night and although we now are far away we’ll see very soon. Today I’ll wait for you in our dream world”.
Category :Sweet dreams love messages

:: “From the day I saw you I completely fell in love and that was because you look so sweet that it has been etched in my mind and in my heart. Have beautiful dreams my love”.
Category :Sweet dreams love messages
Beautiful good night messages of love to share by Instagram.#GoodNightPhrases

Original Good Night
love messages for Her

:: “Dear family and friends, one more day has come to an end and it is time for us to enjoy sweet dreams. I wish you all good night sleep and see you tomorrow”.
Category :Original good night love messages

:: “I love you in an infinite way. Never ever run away from me and let me know how much you love me through the phone. I look forward to see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams”.
Category :Original good night love messages

:: “The stars have lost their glow today because I have not been able to reflect myself on your sweet look, I am just thinking about you and I cannot realize how to revive the love I feel for you, I need you so much. Good night, have a peaceful sleep”.
Category :Original good night love messages

:: “Night becomes beautiful and loving and it’s time for a good night gift. I send you thousand of kisses my love. My life, have nice dreams”.
Category :Original good night love messages

Before your beloved boyfriend goes to bed, let him know how much you love him through a little message when the day ends because you are the angel of his life. Come back here again for more love tips to dedicate to your loved boyfriend.Download best good night love messages and images.#GoodNightPhrases

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