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birthday wishes for friends

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Searching for sweet birthday wishes ? From all the friends we have, one of them always highlights, a friend whom we esteem the most. This person uses to be someone we know since kids or since several time ago.

In some cases it can be few months ago, but you have so many things in common that it seems that you know each other for a long time.

If his or her birthday date is getting close, it would be nice of you to dedicate to him a line saying how important and valuable it is for you his friendship.

On this article we will show you a list of happy birthday messages and phrases that you can dedicate to this very special friend. Go ahead, pick the one you like the most.

Best long birthday gretings for best friend

:: “Today is your birthday and I wish you lots of happiness. I hope this special day to be phenomenal and you can enjoy it with your friends and family. I wish you the best of life, love, health and success. Happy birthday best friend, I love you”.
Category :Happy Birthday messages for friends
:: “I have not seen you in a long time because of the distance, but it will never be an impediment to keep wishing you a fabulous birthday and a successful life. Congratulations”.
Category :Happy Birthday messages for friends
:: “I send my sincere good wishes today which is an important day, your birthday. I hope you can achieve all your goals and receive all the God bless. You are very important to me and also a very kind person”.
Category :Happy Birthday messages for friends
:: “There’s no other person than you with who I want to spend my time. You are definitely the best person to share these great moments of my birthday. I send you a giant hug and the entire God bless, my friend”.
Category :Happy Birthday messages for friends

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Birthday love messages for your beloved friends

:: “Dear friend, today is your birthday and I want you to know how much I love and esteem I have for you, I want to apologize for not being able to be with you this day but from here I send you a warm hug and my best wishes for the today. I hope you pass a happy birthday”.
Category :Sweet love birthday messages for friends
:: “Today is the birthday of the best of all the friends. Let’s celebrate as if it was the last day because 25 years are not celebrated all years. Be ready to pick you up later to go to party”.
Category :Sweet love birthday messages for friends
:: “Today is your birthday I will gift you a box full of kisses and good wishes. Now you’re a year older but for you it will be another year of youth. Let’s party until we have no more energy. We will have a wonderful birthday, you’ll see”.
Category :Sweet love birthday messages for friends
:: “Today, you will forget every diet that keeps you away from eating the delicious cake that I will give you, because today is your birthday! Have a spectacular day, but let’s not overpass our limits in order us to be good looking for beach”.
Category :Sweet love birthday messages for friends
:: “Today we will do everything, we will sing, dance, but more importantly will enjoy this beautiful friendship we have. I know you will achieve all your goals, because you are a great person and you deserve all that and more. Have a happy birthday, best friend”.
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We hope these phrases for greet the birthday of a special friend have liked you and we also hope you to come back for more quotes.

Top greetings to a friend
on his birthday

Not all of our friends are the same. Each person has a special personality and a past full of experiences that define him or her. People are not one-dimensional, and it is important that we appreciate them with all of their nuances.

If we are not perfect, then we have no right to demand anyone to be so. On the contrary, let us celebrate our friends, share unforgettable experiences and give them a smile that will last them one hundred years, a smile that reflects the adventures we have shared worthy of a friendship for life.

A good time to take advantage of the panic, so to speak, is the day of the birthday, perfect occasion to wish them well and join them in a celebration full of love and joy.

In the following paragraphs, you will find several examples of beautiful phrases, full of affection and the best wishes for your friend’s birthday.

Do not hesitate and start sharing with them the one you like best and that best reflects the relationship you share.

Download best birthday wishes and greetings for friend

:: “I feel that rather than your birthday, what we are experiencing at this time is a divine celebration, because we could not get a better present than having you with us.

Thank you for being such a good friend and for giving me your shoulder every time I have needed it. The party friends are many, the real are few. Happy birthday, you are amazing, man”.
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:: “I have traveled thousands of streets and shops in search of a mind that is able to steal your breathe, that was something that you had not expected not even in two hundred years.

I think I have raised way too much your expectations, because what I found was a friendship, the most sincere than anyone could ever find: you. I hope you like my message, happy day”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings

:: “We add a candle to the richest cake over the world, for the best friend of the galaxy. Finding friends like you is not easy, so I think we both deserve a round of applause.

Having another year is a symbol of experience, of having won battles, and better answers to difficult life events. Happy birthday dear friend, I hope to be near you to celebrate many more”.
Category :Happy birthday greetings

:: “We are celebrating your day and I want it to be a celebration in full swing, because friends like you deserve nothing but the best.

I love you and appreciate you for your unconditional friendship, your crazy ideas, your jokes and your goodness. Thanks for being my friend, happy birthday”.
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Find cute birthday wishes for Facebook friends

:: “There are certain little things in life that we know for sure in the world. One is that time passes and the other is that we must make it worth living as much as possible.

By your side, and with the incredible friendship that you offer me, I know that everything is possible. I wish you the best birthday you could possibly have, for you are a true friend”.
Category :Happy birthday wishes for friends

:: “I want you to know that this day is not only important for you but also for all of those who love you, because it is the best opportunity to thank heaven for having you with us. May you have a great day in such a beautiful day”.
Category :Happy birthday wishes for friends

:: “Today I think I have nothing left to say and it is because I have already said everything I feel and more. Your friendship makes me a better person, so I always want you near me.

Thank you for your advice and for inviting me to celebrate it with you today, happy birthday friend”.
Category :Happy birthday wishes for friends

:: “I still remember that time that we got together after a long time. We thought maybe things would have changed, but it was as if we had seen each other the day before and our friendship flowered immediately.

I guess these things happen between real friends. Happy birthday, my dear friend”.
Category :Happy birthday wishes for friends

We hope that the above statements are what you were looking for to be able to wish a nice day to one of your special friends on the day of their birthday.

We hope to see you again very soon; remember we are always updating our site with a lot of free content for you!

Birthday love messages for your beloved friends

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